How To Get Free Followers on Likee


Your videos should be either creative or interesting to stand out from the crowd. Make videos with other people if you can. 


Always using hashtags to tell others what your video is about. Use those trending hashtags is key. 


It is highly suggested that you post videos regularly and frequently. Regular videos will develop the habit of your followers and make them come to check you everyday. 


Like Facebook and Instagram, there are prime times for you to post your videos. 8:00–9:00am, 11:00am-12:30pm and 8pm-10pm. These are the best times during which people are free and have time to browse your videos online.


Interact with your followers and other users who comment on your videos. Be the very first to comment on those big influencer’s videos so that you can attract his or her fans.

Social Media 

Invite your followers and friends to share your videos to their social media platforms. If a certain video goes viral on social media, your followers will come continuously.

Use AddMeFast 

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