How To Get Free TikTok Video Likes

Using the same method for followers, it’s very similar. Here are a few other ways to get free video likes

Free TikTok Followers and Video Likes

Having a Creative Username 

Create a simple and catchy username. Your username is usually the first and the most important part of your online profile. A short, simple, and catchy username that’s easy to remember is the best way to promote your profile.

Using AddMeFast 

Using our platform as a resource to get more likes is pretty much guaranteed. While we cannot guarantee a certain amount, our platform is setup with CPC so you can manage your points and where you want the likes to come from. 

Link your Instagram and YouTube to TikTok

If you have an Instagram account or a YouTube channel, linking your accounts will help your followers reach your content on all platforms, and get you new likes in all posts.

Make Sure Your Profile Is Public 

If your profile privacy is set to a “Private Account,” only your confirmed followers will be able to see your content. Changing your profile to Public privacy will allow everybody to see your content, which can help you get likes from new people.

Follow the latest trends on the Discover page

You can open the Discover page from the magnifier icon at the bottom of your screen. This page will show you the popular trends around you. You can find and use popular trends on your Discover page to get more exposition. You may even be featured on someone’s Discover page, and receive more likes from their crowd.

Use trending sounds in your videos

If you realize a particular sound is getting a lot of attention lately, don’t hesitate to create your own videos with this soundtrack. Popular sounds will attract more users to your videos.

There are many ways to get free likes on your TikTok profile and many users have used this tactics. We want to reiterate that you are safe and secure with anything you do on social media.