How To Get Free Soundcloud Followers

Soundcloud has become a heavy hitter over the past few years for musicians to spread their music and let the world know exactly who they are.

One way to get a quick boost in followers is to be featured on a blog. Blogs usually get around 100 music submissions each day. The people who do end up being featured always have a certain number of traits. Research the right kind of bloggers, search on social media and network on other platforms. 

The use of social media is another way to gain followers for free. Posting about songs on your board, videos, FB lives, IG lives, YouTube, etc are great ways to increase your following

While posting your stuff on social media is a good way to get followers, likes and shares, another way is to repost other people from your soundcloud account. Give them a shout out every so often. You’d be surprised how many of their followers follow you

Using AddMeFast as a way to grow your following is another great way. It’s easy, quick and convenient. Free legit followers is better than buying bots and having them unfollow you or get suspended in a few weeks. 

Another good way is to give out free tickets. If you are performing somewhere, create a CTA that will allow current followers to invite their friends.