How to provide proof for P2P Tasks?

What is AddMeFast P2P Tasks?

Peer-to-Peer Tasks (or P2P Tasks) is a marketplace where AddMeFast users can complete tasks in AMF tokens directly with each other on their own terms.
This means that any AddMeFast user can earn AMF tokens without any problems.
You need to click “Get Task” to start it, and you have up to 24 hours to provide the requested proof of completion. After that, the task owner has up to 24 hours to review the proof and approve or reject it. If your proof rejected, then you have one more chance to provide additional information for re-verification and approval. After approval, you will receive AMF tokens (CPT – set by the task owner when creating it).

How to provide PROOF?

Usually, the task owner asks for proof in the form of a screenshot or recorded video. It may also ask for your social network account from which you completed the task (in this case, be sure to include your public profile URL).
Most of our users who are already benefiting from P2P Tasks use these platforms to provide video or screenshot proof.
Please note that these sites are not affiliated with AddMeFast and are merely recommendations based on our user experience.

You can try one of these services to upload images and provide screenshots:

For video evidence, you can use one of these services to download the recorded video: (unlisted upload) © 2011-2022 – 11 YEARS of SMM
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