New feature : SoundCloud Followers

Dear users, Addmefast continues creating and representing  new features , the latest one is SoundCloud Followers. Henceforth,  you will be able to gain followers for your SoundCloud accounts and boost your SoundCloud presence. If you have any suggestion about new features, do not hesitate and comment here.

Instagram Followers and Reverbnation Fans

We are happy to represent you another 2 new features in AddMeFast : Instagram Followers and Reverbnation Fans. In order to get free points in the Reverbnation section , you need to have any kind of account in Reverbnation. For receiving fans, you have to add only the username of Reverbnation artist’s account. Other new… Read More Instagram Followers and Reverbnation Fans

New Facebook Share Feature !!!

We are glad to announce that we have just finished the works on the new Facebook Share feature. In one hand this is considered completely new feature, on the other hand this has come to replace Facebook Web likes. We hope it will work much more better and stable than Web likes. At the same… Read More New Facebook Share Feature !!!

New features – Daily and Total Limits for each campaign

Dear users,  the option of  daily and total limits is fully ready. You can set limits for each campaign. When the limits are over, your link will be paused automatically. In order to start the campaign, you have to set limits again. What refers to country target likes and the other new features,  they will be ready… Read More New features – Daily and Total Limits for each campaign

Country target likes/views/followers are coming soon!

Dear users we are about to finish the implementation of the new feature on AddMeFast: Country target likes/views/followers and etc. After the full implementation we will continue the launching of more new features, among which will be : Facebook share, LinkedIn, Reverbnation and SoundCloud followers and so on.  

Facebook is purging accounts again

Dear users recently a new wave of purging fake accounts has come from Facebook. Consequently you can lose a certain amount of the likes, which had come from the fake accounts that Facebook started cleaning up.  We want to ensure you that we are not connected to this loss of the likes and it is… Read More Facebook is purging accounts again

YouTube View and SoundCloud sections are available again

Dear users we have enabled again the work of YouTube view and Soundcloud sections. In these two sections we have done a global change ( captcha-human check) , thanks to which you will receive real views and listening and you will not lose points any more. These changes are in the confines of anti-bot program.