How To Get Free TikTok Followers

There are over 800 million monthly active TikTok users, so we guess it’s safe to say there are enough people out there to grow your following on the platform! 

Instead of users scrolling through a news feed, TikTok curates a “For You” page. The For You page is filled with recommendations based on how users interact with other videos on TikTok. While there are many ways to grow your TikTok page, there a few free ways to do it also! 

Identify Your Target Audience

The more TikTok users who view your videos, the more likely you’ll end up on the For You page, ultimately gaining you more followers.

There is so much content on TikTok and that’s a good thing! From gamers to animals to music, to cutting soap, there are tons of videos for you. 

When you think about what your audience likes and dislikes, especially if you’re just starting out, it doesn’t hurt to ask your followers on Instagram Stories. Maybe share a question or a poll. You can ask them what kind of TikTok content they engage in and what they’d like to see from you. You may be surprised by what they say!

Hit TikTok Trends at The Right Time 

TikTok created its own genre of video content — by allowing users to combine sound clips and music with their own original video content, viral trends pop up overnight! You will often see multiple variations of the same video, but with different takes on the song or concept.

Create Your Own Trend or Challenge 

If the current trends don’t seem to fit your brand’s messaging, try going another way to grow your following. 

Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags act the same way on TikTok as they do on other platforms, like Instagram. While there is no data that shows which hashtags work on TikTok, but they work very effectively. Using general hashtags are more saturated, it’s smart to use long tail hashtags that help you stand out more. 

Post Original Content Often 

Like most social platforms, the algorithm rewards posts that have a lot of engagement and interaction, so the more you post, the better your chances will be of getting seen by the platform’s huge audience.

Don’t be discouraged if some videos get thousands of likes overnight, while others flop and barely get any engagement. That’s social media for you! 

Use AddMeFast 

Using our platform as a resource to grow your followers is pretty much guaranteed. While we cannot guarantee a certain amount, our platform is setup with CPC so you can manage your points and where you want the followers to come from

Connect to Your Other Social Media Channels

If your brand already has a solid following on another platform, chances are, you’ll be able to get more TikTok followers who migrate over — but only if you tell them.

Collaborate with Content Creators

Collaborations happen on all platforms like Instagram and they work wonders. Many influencers have been successful in migrating their huge followings to TikTok since their followers are already active and tuned into their content.

Engage with TikTok Content You Like 

TikTok wasn’t built for conversations so sometimes it’s easy to forget that TikTok is a social media platform, but they are! So the only real way to engage is through likes and comments on other videos. Start engaging with content that compliments your brand. Follow influencers that would be great partners for your brand and engage in their videos or find other brands in your industry that you’d like to support.

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