How To Get Your Pins on Pinterest Saved for Free

Pinterest has over 70 million users worldwide! If you want to take advantage, then your pins have to be seen not only by users who follow you, but also by new users. There are many free ways to do this: 

Optimize Your Name, Boards and Pins for Pinterest Search

Many branded companies make the mistake of using only their branded name for their Pinterest user account name. This is not ideal, as they lose out on people searching for them with other terms.

Adding a descriptive keyword that you want to be associated with will increase the chances of your Pinterest business account being found through a search for Pinners.

Your Board Titles

Putting keywords in the titles of your Pinterest boards so other users can find them easily through the Boards search option. To rank higher in Boards search results for specific keywords, place them as close to the beginning of your title as possible.

Your Pins

To increase the chances of showing up in Pins search results, include the keywords you want to be found for as early as possible in the description of your pin. To find out which words people are using and searching, type words related to your industry in the search box and popular suggestions automatically pop up.

Pin Consistently

Pinning consistently can help people discover your pins and increase the number of followers you have on Pinterest.

If you find yourself short on time, aim to pin 5-10 items a day. But if you do have the time and want to aggressively grow your Pinterest presence, then pinning 20-25 items a day is the best way to go. 

Pin at Optimal and Different Times of the Day

Pinterest works 24/7 and pinning at different times throughout the day and night will help your pins be seen by new local and global audiences.

Repurpose Your Old Pins

It’s a fact that not every one of your followers is going to see all of your pins. That’s why it’s important to repin previous pins from weeks and even months ago. If you’re gaining new followers fast, this tactic will help them discover great content from the past that’s buried under your other pins.

Participate on Pinterest Group Boards

Many successful group boards have hundreds of contributors and thousands of followers so they’re a great way of getting your pins in front of a larger targeted audience in a much shorter time.

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