How to make (earn) money on AddMeFast?

The main mission of AddMeFast since 2011 is to provide FREE, FAST and HIGHEST social media marketing services.
Over the years (11 YEARS online) there have been more than 6.58 billion exchanges (likes, subscriptions, clicks, views, shares, etc.), more than 16.1 million registered users, more than 7.3 million active users and about 150 thousand active users per month, more than 10 million page views per month from 216 countries and 32 ways out of 17 networks to boost Your social media presence.

After the launch of AMF Tokens (starting in 2022), AddMeFast has also allowed the best and loyal users to earn money.

Here we will provide some global information on how to make money with AddMeFast:

  1. Referral program (affiliate) – Simply switch to AMF Tokens on the My Referrals page and invite your friends to join AddMeFast. Once they sign up and become Gold users, you will receive 250 AMF Tokens for each referral. Check Your status here.
  2. Airdrop (general wallet) – just join and earn money in any of the 3 groups or all groups together. Group 1 is for users who are actively earning FREE points – at the end of the month, these users will have the opportunity to exchange AddMeFast points for AMF Tokens. Group 2 users earn for holding AMF Tokens at the provided BSC address. If you paying user and use AMF Tokens as a payment currency and have joined to Airdrop, you will receive a kind of “cashback“.
  3. P2P Trade (sale of points on AddMeFast) – users with a status above Regular can sell their points in AMF Tokens at any price to other users.
  4. P2P tasks (completing tasks to get AMF Tokens) is an easy way to complete tasks provided by other users and earn AMF Tokens every day.

To earn money on AddMeFast it’s very important to get rewarded by providing Your BSC address.

These are simple and easy ways to make money on AddMeFast, but you can also benefit if you buy and hold AMF Tokens at this early stage.