Improvements on AddMeFast (low cpc problem)


👍 GOOD news for users who need quality service and who play fair.
👎 BAD news for users who choose to use bots, spam and break our terms.

💡 After several months of testing, we found a way to fight spam and give privileges to our best users.

✔️ For people who promote links here – a high CPC will increase the quality of clicks (followers, likes, etc.). Higher CPC, our trusted and best users will see them, and you will get quality.

✔️ For users who actively earn FREE points – we record all the activities and easily find and block users who use bots, automated systems or macros.

❗️So please play fair or you will be permanently banned – please read our terms and conditions carefully again here –

✔️ For users with “Regular user” status (check Your status here ) we will show ⬆️HIGH CPC links if they need points (our system analyzes a combination of your current points, the number of active links and their CPCs) to promote their links. But if they getting FREE points just to be at the top of the Airdrop Group1, they always will see ⬇️LOW CPC links. The more active links you promote with a HIGH CPC, the more likely you are to see HIGH CPC links in the FREE Points sections, and the higher the quality of the clicks you will get.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ For users with a higher status than the “Regular user”, the likelihood of seeing HIGH CPC links is multiplicatively higher than for users with the “Regular user” status.

☑️ So, in this way we have solved a lot of problems on addmefast, and this is not the limit. Every day we work hard to improve the service and create new quality services.

🔜 Coming very soon – FREE $AMF Tokens (P2P tasks) on AddMeFast for Gold, Diamond or Dark Matter users only (check Your status here ).

🏃 So, hurry up and claim Your status now. First of all, get AMF Token rewards on AddMeFast – , because the points you pay for this increase after each next reward. © 2011-2022
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