Twitter hacks you need to know

In the fast-paced tweeting era, knowing the right Twitter hacks can be a huge advantage especially against your competitors. Here at the following you find five useful Twitter hacks you need to know.

Use twitter`s advanced search operators

You might have used twitter`s search bar to find specific accounts or some specific tweets against a certain keyword. But there is much more to explore in it, you can use a different combination of twitter search operators and it`s advanced features to get more refined results.

Use twitter lists to divine or organize content

Twitter lists are amazingly underutilized. All the recent tweets from the people you are following are categorized into your main stream by default. Twitter lists allow you to divine or organize tweets from a selected group of followers which you give more enhanced experience.

Tweet at the suitable timings

If you randomly post a tweet then only a selected number of followers will see it, as the thousands of tweets are sent every minute which means your followers twitter`s timeline will move more quickly. But if you want more visibility on your tweet, you need to select the suitable time when a good number of followers are online.

Schedule your tweets for multiple days in a week

Do you create amazing content and want it to get as many eyes on as possible, then try sharing the content at multiple days in different timings, you can use different social media management platforms to schedule your tweets. As you are sharing the same content for several times the likelihood of the same user seeing it each time is slim. You are not going to send a tweet that all of your followers are going to see it.

Promote Your Top Tweets

When any of your tweet gets the high engagement then that means your audience connects with it, use it as an opportunity to get its engagement doubled by promoting it that will help your post to reach out to the users who are not following you.

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