LinkedIn Tools for Your Small Business

Almost 30 million companies have a presence on the Linkedin platform. This social site is not limited to recruiting now, it works as a prominent channel to build connections and sell and connect with the consumer market. There are all sorts of tools available which can help you to promote small scale business on LinkedIn without any sort of external help.

LinkedIn Tools For Business

Linkedin Sales Navigator

Businesses are looking out for opportunities to promote their businesses on all sorts of platforms and generate sales out of it. LinkedIn stays the prominent choice in this regard as all top-tier professionals can be found on this platform.

Sales navigator is of great help as it helps to connect buyers and sellers. Some amazing features of Linkedin sales navigator are:

Its advanced algorithm searches out for the people who are looking for the services your company offers.

It helps you to build a relationship with your final goal.


When you look out for social media marketing tools then keep Crystal at the top of the list as it allows you to view profiles of different people and offer free communication advice to start with.

All those people who use LinkedIn as a selling tool can get access to millions of top-notch profiles along with suggestions to start communication based on those profile’s interests.


If you are looking out for ways to interact with the top targets accounts within your network or something outside of it, then you need to consider using Outro.

This tool uncovers clients through different sources, such as: Network, Outro’s Community

This tool also helps to generate leads. Salestools work around the approach which helps you to download information about leads from LinkedIn platform. This information can help you with future marketing strategies, for instance this information can be used to contact all potential clients through email and you can come up with personalized email campaigns.

There is no other platform which helps you with B2B opportunities and if you know how to utilize this space then you are going to win in the long run. Are you looking to get free followers? Use AddmeFast. Simple and easy.