Free Facebook Plugins for WordPress

Every business needs to have a social media presence and if your website or business has no existence on Facebook or any other social media platform then you are going to lag behind in the long run.

It is time to connect your website with Facebook so that people can directly share content from any WordPress website to Facebook or redirect to Facebook easily. Here are a few plugins that are widely used and can help you to do the needful.

Free Facebook Plugins for the WordPress Website

WP Facebook FanBox

You simply need to configure this free Facebook plugin in your WordPress website and you will be able to see all the Facebook posts on your website. Position this widget or its shortcode according to your choice, wherever you want it to appear on your website. It also allows you to select from different themes so you have the choice to consider the aesthetics also.

Shared Counts

If you are looking for ways to add social sharing buttons on your WordPress website, then this plugin is available for the rescue, and that too free of cost. This optimized plugin never compromises the quality of the features it provides along with the speed of the website. Coming with different button styles, it allows you to choose the design which suits best.

Custom Facebook Feed

This plugin also allows you to display complete Facebook feed on the website. The main advantage of this plugin is that it helps with the SEO of the website and can be optimized accordingly. Being flexible with the number of options and the posts you want to show, this plugin is appreciated by most of the users.

You can easily create a separate page on the website or add it to the sidebar, as per your requirements.

Pixel Cat-Facebook Pixel

If you are looking out for ways to retarget your Facebook audience by using the stats from the website then you need to integrate Pixel Cat – Facebook Pixel on your website. It will show ads to all those Facebook users who visited your website. This plugin is really easy to install and does wonders for the people regarding marketing and retargeting.

Facebook conjunction with WordPress website can do wonders only if you know which plugins to integrate and how to use them to generate business. Are you looking to increase your likes and followers? Use AddmeFast. Simple and easy.