Latest changes on AddMeFast

1. After many efforts AddMeFast finally found the solution to the bots, scripts.  Before this change you were getting a great amount of likes faster but the majority of them were fake. Now, after this update, you are sure to get real likes a little bit slower ( this is only at the beginning). 2.… Read More Latest changes on AddMeFast

Facebook “Like Button” Problem

Attention : some users are complaining that they are not able to like other Facebook pages or do not receive likes for their pages. We have checked and found out that the problem is in the Facebook like button. On Addmefast there is not any problem to be fixed. We hope that Facebook will solve… Read More Facebook “Like Button” Problem

AddMeFast against Spam

Today we have launched new feature on AddMeFast which will automatically detect and block spammers who will use Macros, Bots and AutoClick tools and their urls (pages, accounts, videos, websites and etc.) never will transfer to another AddMeFast accounts. We also will increase Daily Bonus Points to 200 (until 8 July 2012) to give our normal… Read More AddMeFast against Spam

Several changes on AddMeFast

Thinking about our users  we make changes from time to time for fighting against spam on AddMeFast. The last change we made refers to auto clicks and bots.  Currently our new system is being tested and we hope that it will help to prevent spam and our users will have less loss of points. This is not… Read More Several changes on AddMeFast

Google +1 problem

Today we have found maybe the solution and answer for google +1 counter problem. Log into , then go to . Click on Edit link for “Google +1 (+1 on non-Google sites)” and you can find these two options. 1. Enable – Allow Google to use my +1’s and other profile information to… Read More Google +1 problem

Welcome to official blog

Hi dear users Glad to present you our official blog. Starting today you can be informed about all changes and improvements on You can leave comments under each post. Hope this blog will help all us to create great network. Thanks for your support.   Admin AddMeFast