How to get rewarded for AMF Tokens on

AMF Token rewards at
  1. You must have an account. It is important that the account is not newly registered (you need to use AddMeFast and understand how it works before you can receive rewards), or you need to buy points and have at least 1000 points on your balance.
  2. You need to create a BSC address (BEP20) in Metamask, TrustWallet or somewhere else.
  3. You need to import AMF Tokens as a custom token. Copy the AMF token address (0xeecd101725b89b66f3e04f953ae0bb647c23fb8d) and add it to your wallet.
  4. Log in to, go to and enter your BSC address. We will transfer 100 AMF Tokens to the specified BSC address within a maximum of 6 hours and notify you by email.

Use DEX (Decentralized Exchange) to get AMF token

Alternatively you can use Pancakeswap DEX to get your token. Pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange built on Binance Smart Chain with the 19M unique users and with $1.9B total daily trade volume. It is currently number one DEX.

The process is very simple. You need to follow this link to add AMF Token in the currency and connect your wallet. Trade the BNB to AMF Token with only one click.