How to schedule Instagram stories

One of the amazing features you will find on Instagram is story. Instagram stories help to increase engagement that will impact a good increment in the DMs and also in getting a good number of followers. In this post you will have an idea how to schedule Instagram stories by using different social media management platforms.

How to schedule Instagram Stories?

Posting stories on Instagram has a fundamental impact on your business page; here are three ways to schedule Instagram stories.

  1. Save time by scheduling Instagram stories:

It’s not a simple thing to create and post Instagram stories regularly and on a daily basis, it takes much time. You have to stop the task you are working on & create or capture for the Instagram story, edit it and then post that story. To make your story a perfect fit with your brand can take a bit longer. And it’s a basic problem of a businessman on Instagram who have many other things to do.

You can schedule your Instagram stories by using any social media management platform for the whole week in your weekend within 1 to 2 hours, it will keep your mind relaxed for your business Instagram page and you can perform other tasks conveniently.

2. Schedule Instagram stories and stay consistent

As a human being no one is perfect. If you are posting your Instagram story regularly, things like lack of motivation and time can miss your story for a day. To avoid such things you can go for any of the Instagram scheduler platforms, you can have many applications i.e: hootsuite, buffer, later who supports Instagram scheduling.

3. Post Instagram Stories at the best time

If you post Instagram stories without any strategy then you can achieve the targeted followers for your Instagram business page. But you do not need to worry here, Instagram has made it quite simple to check when the maximum number of your followers are online. You can check it from Instagram Insights which is a free analytics tool by Instagram for the business Instagram pages.