Instagram vs Facebook: Differences and Best Practices in 2020

When we talk about social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram are the two most famous platforms that we think about. These two have innumerable users, Facebook with approximately 2 billion users whereas Instagram with more than 1 billion users.

Facebook was commenced in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook connects you to your friends and family and keeps you updated regarding the daily happenings. On the contrary, Instagram is about sharing pictures and short videos of different things or about your lifestyle and you can also communicate with your friends.

These two networks are used by so many people; they have some similarities and yet some functions as well which make them differ from each other.


1. Follow people

You can follow/add people on Instagram as well as on Facebook. You can connect and communicate with friends and family using both social networks.

2. Blocking

You can block those people whom you don’t want to contact or don’t want their profile to appear in front of you, also those who stalk you.

3. Business

These two platforms are well known for business purposes. People do online business on these platforms due to which their products are well known amongst people.


1. Gaming

Instagram does not provide its users with the gaming feature whereas Facebook has various games to keep the users hooked. There are numerous games like a criminal cases, candy crush, farm heroes, and pet rescue. Now Facebook has even introduced various versions of Ludo. Instagram offers IGTV videos instead which is not a gaming feature but is a form of entertainment.

2. Can not share opinions or thoughts

Instagram does not allow to post texts or posts without pictures. On Instagram you can only add pictures and videos but can not express your views by posting a text status. On the other hand Facebook allows you to share your opinions.

3. Limitations

You can post a maximum of 10 pictures or less on Instagram while Facebook allows you to post more than 10 pictures.

Instagram and Facebook both used campaigns for educating people regarding coronavirus and many other campaigns are held regarding different topics. Instagram has certain features like Question and Answers/ poll and other so many features in 2020 which attracts more people. You can promote posts as well. It also has a song feature in the story. Whereas Facebook also has a poll and other features in the story. Facebook groups and events are also famous keeping the audience hooked.