How to download IGTV, Photos, or videos from Instagram?

Instagram started a decade ago and now millions of users are using it every single day. This platform outperformed in no time and now people are using it for posting pictures and videos which can be shared to other platforms too. This video and picture sharing app was later acquired by Facebook and grew tremendously.

Instagram basically works with internet connection but there are times when users need to access content while being offline or need to save something in their phone. There is no direct way to save pictures from Instagram, it is against their policies but there are numerous apps which can help you to do the needful.

Steps to download instagram post through website

Look out for tools which allow you to download posts, you can easily find one on google, such as downloadgram. This is user friendly website,  which is very easy to use and quick too. Another bonus point for the website is that it is free to use. Follow these three basic steps to download images, video or igtv through instagram website.

  • Open instagram on the website and copy the link of the required post.
  • Open the website of downloadgram and paste the link in the given bar.
  • Click on download.

Steps to download Instagram post on mobile phone

To download igtv video, you need to get the link of that video. Click on three dots which appear on the video and tap link button.

Paste the link in the IGTV downloader app you are using.

Tap on download.

Images and video will be downloaded in the same manner too.

The best part of these applications is that they are free of cost and provide amazing features. You just need to get the link of the post and the rest of the part would be done by the application or the website you are using.