Tools to use for reporting KPI’s

It is really important for small business owners to track key performance indicators (KPI) to have a better understanding of their business performance. This understanding is crucial for their business performance as they need to plan around future strategies considering the previous performance. Here are a few tools which can help businesses to report KPIs.


This platform allows you to see all functionalities of your business through one dashboard. One can easily track, monitor and work around finalizing KPIs through a single interface.

Features of Scoro

Can be easily integrated with the software you use.

Oversee company’s overall performance aspects such as budgets, sales, forecast, etc.

Dashboard can be customized with unlimited widgets and metrics.

One can easily set permission to limit the usage.

Comparison of two different periods can be done.


This tool is also a great choice for business owners to work around the KPIs of their companies. Its extraordinary features made it the top choice of users.

Features of Datapine

Custom formulas

Advanced analytics

Automated reposting process

Interactive dashboards

Intelligent Alarms

It detects new trends happening around and discovers relationships which can help you to take future business decisions. This tool charges $249/month.


Having big data scalability, this dashboard works wonder in terms of reporting and managing analytics

Features of InetSoft

Data backup

Ensure end-user data on the web

Embedded dashboard

Dashboard visualization

High-performance infrastructure

It is really hard to run a small business, as you will be responsible for doing most of the work. Constantly going in millions of directions at a time, you need to use such tools which help you with generating revenue as it will give you better understanding of your customer’s demands.

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