How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is a social media platform which solely focuses on and enhances professional and career development.

It is mostly used to upload detailed resumes and to acquire a better job; displaying a search for jobs.

Creating an account on linkedIn

Firstly, the linkedIn webpage would be opened, with different options of signing in or logging in.

2. On the main page, a user will enter his personal information like First Name, Last Name, Email, and password.

3. There would be a join now button below the information entry fields. A user will click on it.

4. A list of different countries would be shown as the country box will be clicked. A person will choose a country where they reside.

ZIP code is to be entered under the country box and then will click Next.

5. A yes or no box is shown in order to gather the information that whether a user is a student or not.

6. Afterwards they will ask for the title of a user’s job and the company where a certain person works. You can also select from the industry list given on the page and you may write your school name and the commencement of the school year. Click Next

7. An account personalization page would be shown and once you have chosen accordingly, an email verification procedure would start. LinkedIn would display the information according to the options chosen.

8. Open the emails address that you used to make the LinkedIn account. Keep the LinkedIn page open.

Verify your email address by clicking confirm email. You can also copy paste the code onto the LinkedIn account from the email account.

9. Now you will get an option to sync your contacts with the LinkedIn account, you may skip it too.

Afterwards you set your display picture which would be viewed by people increasing the chances of jobs and the click Continue.

10. There would be different channels and you can follow them according to your interests. You may skip it but if you have chosen the channels then click Next.

11. Add further information like location, education, headline, current position and other information by clicking the Me Tab and the view profile and further tap on the pencil icon. Then save the information.

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