Creative Ways to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

LinkedIn works as all in one platform for professional purposes, you can connect with people, find work and share relevant content. Not many people know that it helps to generate leads too. Below mentioned are a few tips and tricks which can help people with lead generation through LinkedIn platform.

Ways to generate Leads


Keep on advertising and engaging on the posts, it is not only beneficial to increase your connections but also hit directly to the targeted users. Sponsored content all the relevant users updated with the latest happening of your business and create brand’s value.

Participate in Discussions

Engagening through different modes is the main component of every platform and it works well for LinkedIn too. Join active groups and noteworthy posts and come up with your strong points to stand out among the masses. Try to post thoughtful content which can promote diversified conversations among your connections. Sharing personalized stories and posting informative content will not only help you to build connections but also portray you as a person having authority in the industry.

Research Profile Views

Out of so many other amazing features, there is also the functionality which allows you to check who viewed your profile. You can contact those people and initiate a conversation, for instance as them if there is any way you can help them with the things they are looking for or do a bit of research of their profile and talk about the latest interesting activity they posted.

Optimize Your Profile

Optimizing your profile is going to do the 80% of the job as it makes your profile strong and relevant. Optimization means to tailor your profile in such a way that it appears in search when people search for the jobs or people related to the field you belong to.

Profile optimization is not a one day task, you need to keep on updating it with relevant additions from time to time. Consider to keep your profile SEO friendly and do proper keyword research before updating the content.

Linkedin algorithm works in a way which is similar to Google, so optimization is the key to connect with the relevant people who might help you with effective leads. Looking to increase your likes and followers? Use AddmeFast. Simple and easy.