Facebook Giveaway Ideas

Facebook keeps on getting bigger with every single day and currently, there are almost 2.3 billion active Facebook users. This is one of the best social media platforms where one can promote their business and connect with the users.

As everyone is using this channel to promote their businesses, it keeps on becoming difficult to attract the attention of your targeted audience. It is not less than a struggle to convey your message as engagement keeps on dropping.

To make noise on this platform, marketers come up with new strategies from time to time and Facebook giveaways are one of them which works most of the time. It is an inexpensive way through which you can derive the expected results and it proves to be manageable too.

Here is a list of a few Facebook giveaway ideas which might help you to generate more leads.

Click to win

This is by far the simplest and easiest giveaway challenge one can come up with. If you want to redirect traffic to your website or want something to act as a clickbait then go with this idea. Just enter the URL of the website you want the audience to redirect to and add a few terms and conditions.

This contest increases the awareness of your brand and people get to know it in a better way.

Comment on Blog

This giveaway is appropriate for bloggers as this allows them to get better reach and engagement through a single comment. All participants need to do is visit the blog site and leave a comment over there to be a part of the contest.

In this way, the on-site engagement of the blog is improved and the authority of the blog is also built with genuine comments from different people.

Caption This Image

To increase the engagement in a fun way, post a picture of some product or service you provide and ask people to come up with fun captions. Meme culture is becoming popular with every passing day and can be utilized in an interactive way.

Answer the fun question

This giveaway contest allows you to test how well the audience knows your product and gives you the chance to interact with your potential customers. Create a fun question regarding your product line, you can also make it easy by giving a few options to select from.

How can this contest help you to promote your business?

You will get to know how well users know about your products. You will get to know which areas you need to work on to create a better understanding of your product knowledge.

Top fans of the page can be identified.

Facebook page engagement would be increased. Looking to increase your likes and followers? Use AddmeFast. Simple and easy. www.addmefast.com.