How To Get More Members To Your Facebook Group

A Facebook Group is a fantastic tool for building community—when people are regularly showing up. 

But what can you do if no one is joining your Facebook Group?

Having people join your group can be challenging. So, before you start tackling the task of making it grow, you must make sure you’ve got the basics done correctly.

First, you’ll need to make sure your group is set up the right way to attract the people you want into your group. Second, create content and engagement that will keep the momentum going.

Choose The Right Name 

Be consistent with your branding. If you already have an established online audience that you want to connect to, make sure your group name will be recognizable to them.

Be searchable. If you are a known brand, people are already searching for that name. If your group is more about connecting with your audience because of something like location, topic, or niche, include those keywords in your name. Think about what people are searching for when you want them to find and join your Facebook Group.

Stay simple. Facebook does not currently have a character limit for Facebook Group names. However, that doesn’t mean you want to get too wordy. Make your group name simple, clear, and as short as is reasonable while you keep the first two guidelines in mind.

Avoid special characters. Along that same line, unless a special character is part of your established brand name, don’t use things like exclamation marks, dollar signs, etc. Though allowed, they won’t add anything to your searchability and might make your name look like spam.

Choose the Right Group Type 

By selecting the right type for your group, you can open up different options that can help your ideal member find you and also help current members get the most out of your group.

Five different group types are available for you to choose from:

  • General
  • Buy and Sell
  • Gaming
  • Social Learning
  • Jobs

In any group type, you can make it an open or closed group, create posts, manage members, and view your group insights.

Make Sure You Have A Good Description 

Like your group name, the description of the group is important for both search and to attract members to join. Using key search terms in your description is important. So is making an easy to read description written for your ideal members.

Grow Your Group

While you cannot run ads on Facebook for a group, you can grow your group by posting on your Facebook profile inviting people to the group. You can invite friends and family, co-workers, etc. Share on Instagram, Twitter and other platforms. 

You can also use AddMeFast to help grow your group. Use our CPC system and increase your members

Create Regular Content 

No matter what kind of group you have, staying consistent and posting regular content is a must. 

Using a scheduler to keep on top of things like Hootsuite or Buffer is a good idea. This way you can schedule posts and monitor insights.