How To Get Free Followers on VK

VK is the number one social media platform for Russian-speaking users in the world. If you own a business that particularly caters the needs of Russian-speaking people, you would want to register to VK.

If you are looking for more followers, here are a few ways to do that. 

Post more often and during the peak hours

Similar to how you want to get more engagement on your Facebook group page, you would to able to create an engaging post. It should not be a post about something outside of the group’s main goal or topic. Create a topic where people can share their thoughts and are excited in doing so.

Be active and always participate in the group’s page activities.

If anyone is posting something where you can give your own thoughts in there, be sure to leave it. Like and share some of the posts and comments, where you think it’s relevant and good for other people to know and understand. 

Get more exposure to your fan page by promoting it

Using other sites besides VK, you can try in Reddit, Voat, personal blogs, sites and others. You can’t always rely on one platform to get more followers

Create a CTA 

Make up a contest where people can happily join and get much exposure to your VK fan page. There are many different options for promotions and contests. The same as Facebook, the idea here is to give a reward for a random person in exchange for a certain kind of action such as following your fan-page, sharing a post, comment on your fan-page post and many others. The higher the prize value the more people you’ll be attracting.

Use AddMeFast 

AddMeFast is a free to use tool that has the capabilities of increasing your followers on VK. Something interesting about AddMeFast is that it is easy and free to use, and reduces the effort and extra costs needed to increase your number of your VK followers

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