How To Get Free Video Likes on Likee


Make original videos to distinct from others.

It is highly suggested that you make original videos based on your own talents. Because there are thousands of people on Likee doing the same types of videos as you. 


Make quality and creative videos.

This is the main rule for creating a short video. Pay attention to those details including background music, caption, emoj, etc. What the key points behind those popular videos that get high sharings?


Use popular and trending hashtags

You will get more exposures for your videos if you use trending hashtags. When certain kinds of videos go viral, others creators will follow to make similar videos with the same hashtags.


Upload videos at a regular and relatively high frequency.

Keeping your platform updated regularly and frequently is very important. At least 1 video per day. It Let your fans know that you update everyday and they will come to check your videos if your content is attractive enough. 


Connect with your followers and interact with them.

You will receive suggestions or encouragement from other users, and you should respond to them and vice versa. Try to build the emotional connection between your and your followers


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