Twitter is one of the most difficult platforms to use among the popular social media platforms. This is mainly attributed to twitter being used for microblogging, unlike other platforms that combine video and photo sharing. Becoming a twitter bigwig can enable you to influence various topics, and hashtags while also gaining more followers. For more people to view your tweets, four important activities should occur within your tweets

  • People should like your tweets.
  • Your tweets should be retweeted more.
  • Having more twitter followers.
  • People should tag each other within your tweets

Important twitter growth tips.

  • Gaining one of those above will boost the other. For example, having a great tweet will lead to more likes and retweets, which el eventually lead to more followers. The reverse is also true. 
  • However, growing a twitter profile is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort to make people realize you on twitter, especially when you’re still not popular.
  • Some of the golden rules of gaining twitter followers include creating content that people will love, utilizing the right hashtags to deliver content, using the right headlines for attracting follower attentions, and pinning tweets
  • In addition to the techniques listed above, using a free tool to get free retweets, likes, and more followers will boost your chances of growing a twitter profile. A great for gaining free likes and retweets are AddMeFast. AddMeFast simple to use and free, thus making the growing experience on twitter easier. 

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