How To Get Free Facebook Followers

These days it’s not that easy to get followers on your Facebook page. Social Media Today reports that Facebook adds 500,000 new users every day and 6 new profiles are created every second. That’s a lot of profiles! So there are indeed ways to get new followers for FREE

Invite Friends to Like Your Page

Your friends and family will likely become your first real followers on Facebook after you create a Facebook page for your business. Inviting them not only starts the growth of your page but also allows their friends to see they’ve followed you and the opportunity for them to follow you as well. 

Find Followers on Facebook Groups

Are you apart of any groups on Facebook? If not you should be. You need to keep growing your page on as many platforms as you can. Joining groups is another free way to get free followers. Joining different groups that are similar to your business or groups with potential customers is a great way too. Interacting with people in the group and getting them to follow you is a plus, however pay attention to the groups rules, as some do not allow outside links or promoting other pages. 

Using AddMeFast 

AddMeFast is one of the best platforms to gain free followers for your Facebook page. Using our CPC program you can choose how many points you’d like to use, which will determine how quickly those follower grow. It’s quick and easy! 

Post at the Right Time

Posting at the right time is another good way to getting more followers. Checking your analytics on Facebook is one way to see what times your page is busy. If you use a scheduler, most of them like Hootsuite and Buffer will sometimes recommend good times to post and automatically post for you

Partner with an Influencer

Finding followers can be time consuming and manually looking can almost be a second job in itself. Partnering with an influencer helps you gain followers, likes and even sales and leads. There are 3 kinds of influencers to work with. 

  • Mega-influencers are famous people that have millions of followers.
  • Macro-influencers have between 100K and 1 million followers.
  • Micro-influencers have fewer than 100K followers.

Be wise with who you partner with as there are thousands of influencers. Some will charge you, some are free and may want free product. Picking influencers over 10k-50k is a starting point. They can help grow your Facebook followers pretty rapidly

Ask People to Tag Your Page

All of the steps above are great, but there’s another way to get even more followers. Asking customers, friends, family to tag your business page. Easy peasy!