Is it possible to Get Free Facebook Likes

Every brand is on Facebook for one reason….get more business! Different brands will have their own objectives, like driving in-store sales, increasing online sales, launching a new product, building awareness, or promoting a mobile app.

Whatever your objective is, there are a few steps that need to happen before Facebook fans can turn into real business. Build an audience on Facebook, drive inbound traffic to your website, then you need to turn that traffic into qualified leads, and then turn those leads into customers.

Here are some ways to get free likes for your Business Facebook page

Fill Out Your Facebook Page with Searchable Information.

When you first create your Facebook Page, the “About” section of your page should include:

  • An overview of what your business has to offer
  • A link to your website
  • Any other information that will help prospects understand your business better

Include Facebook Like Boxes On Your Website

The Like Box is a great way to leverage social proof to amplify your page. It displays your page’s number of Likes along with the faces of some of your Facebook fans. To implement it, visit this link and customize your button. Then, generate the code and embed it on your website, blog, and wherever else you’d like it to appear. 

Invite Existing Contacts 

More than likely you have friends and family on your Facebook page that you can connect with your business page. Asking for Likes and/or positive reviews is one free way to get likes. Encourage them to become fans as well. Because your personal page is connected to your business page, you can invite them under the “Community” tab. 

Use AddMeFast

Addmefast will help you to get more Facebook likes in a jiffy. Using the same tactic as creating an ad on FB or Google, we use the CPC method. The higher you make CPC the faster you receive those likes. 

Cross promote on Twitter and LinkedIn

Add a link to your Facebook Page on your business’s Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Tweet about your Facebook Page occasionally to encourage your Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections to stay in contact with you on another network. Add your Twitter link to your Facebook Page, and occasionally tweet about your Facebook Page. 

Post valuable content

The best way to increase your following on Facebook is by treating your fans like people. This means you need to be consistent with what you post and how valuable it is to them. 

Be active

Not only does this mean posting insightful content on the regular, however monitoring your presence and interacting with your fans is key.  Ask questions by creating CTA’s, answer questions, and participate in discussions. Find, follow, and build relationships with others in your industry. Create a presence worth following.