AddMeFast NEW MySites Filter

Want to present our new Filter Tool. You can filter your added links on addmefast by link status (pending, active, blocked, paused) and also by network type. There is also possibility to re-order links by CPC, by Name, by Network Type, by Total Clicks and etc.

Try it now and comment here if you have any suggestion.


6 thoughts on “AddMeFast NEW MySites Filter

  1. I’m wondering to buy a package.. But,
    as a future costumer my link is blocked to facebook followers.
    My link, MY page, i’m the owner:
    Can you remove from your database please (or unblock it)!!!!?? So I can add it to get facebook followers again 🙁
    I never used bot or any shit as they don’t work. I click all by myself. HELP ME!!
    I sent an email for support and got no response.. My id is: 259208084105765
    I want add the link again without this message:
    “Facebook username does not exists, please enter valid username or id”
    It’s fuck1ng unfair.. I’m really thinking to buy a package if it works.. Thanks!!!!!!!!

  2. i wanna add twitter but when i try eror comes up which i have written below , i dont have any kind of twitter link in my sites

    Oops! The Twitter account with the same Twitter Account ID already exists.

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