Facebook Aggressive Cleaning – Removing Inactive Account Likes And Comments

Starting March 2015 Facebook doing “Aggressive Cleaning” in it’s network – removing “inactive” account likes, comments, shares and etc. It’s very big mistake from Facebook as before they have done.  https://www.facebook.com/business/news/page-likes-update

We know that all our users have read that message on Facebook. It’s not against inactive users, it’s against to all of us! Do not stop promoting YOUR Facebook content whenever you want.

We hope this BIG Mistake is temporary and they will stop it very soon.

You can check Rihanna’s official Facebook page to see how it’s likes goes down every second – https://www.facebook.com/rihanna . Now (CET 15:23) Rihanna’s page have 89,597,970 likes.
The same result is for anyone’s page! It’s not normal – Don’t you think so?

16 thoughts on “Facebook Aggressive Cleaning – Removing Inactive Account Likes And Comments

  1. Please try to control fake accounts by adding something to require a minimum amount of friends, filled out information, and a profile picture. I’ve seen it done for Twitter accounts that advertise ‘real’ users. The users only look real, and that’s all some people care about. Myself included. I utilize this site to pad numbers, not substitute a fan base.

    The ‘real user’ Twitter sites won’t allow you to participate unless you have a banner, profile picture, bio, and 10 followers. If we can apply that to Twitter and Facebook, here via AddMeFast, I would consider paying for the service.

    I’m embarrassed by the number of eggs, no profile/banner pictures, and blatantly fake accounts follow me in a matter of moments. Most of the time I end up blocking most of my twitter followers and wait for people with profile pictures and banners to follow. It’s a huge waste of points, and time.

    I’d also like to be able to enforce time limits on my likes. I’d like things to look more organic if at all possible in addition to Daily Link Clicks.

    Lastly, you used to access Facebook through a proxy, and now that you have not they know that I am acquiring likes through AddMeFast. This violates their terms and makes it not only easy to remove my likes, real or not, but PROVES that I am violating their terms. If we cannot go back to using a proxy, I’m not sure using these services are worth the risk.

    Please consider my points, thank you.

  2. Hopefully it will stop soon. Rihanna page’s likes decreases at the speed of one sec – craziness.

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