25 thoughts on “35% More Points on AddMeFast

  1. My facebook page is banned, ‘FB page with ID already existed”, how can i contact you guys to solve it?

  2. i want to buy subscription but no reply from support from 2 dyas can any one help me please how to buy weekly

  3. hello Sir i want to ask that i am going to use different internet connection with one pe and single one account i mean to say i will use it example one pc and only one addmefast account but i changes net (internet ) connection sometime i uses broadband sometime with other network broadband so is this i againt addmefast terms please sir clear it .. i already emailed to support center but they did not replied i am waiting for reply

  4. I can’t unlock my intagram user and I can’t even add that user to my sites to click red “error” button. You blocked my account for no reason.

  5. hi there addmefast,

    i am very glad to use your service & i am a regular user of yours. there has just been a problem with my instagram followers.

    I have recently changed my instagram username & when i put in my username on your site for followers its appers as my old instagram user id and after few minutes it blocks my account.

    & until i have not changed my instagram name back to the old i wont unblock me.

    could you please help me with this, I have tried to contact you through the support centre, but its been over days now none of your staff has replied me or any thing.


    many thanks

  6. Facebook panel isn’t working..I can add photos or pages in order to get more likes or even shares…so please check !

      1. hey please remove my page from your dataase because its show me error “Oops! The FB page with the same FB ID already exists.”..i have also send a request of mail too but no any reply from addmefast side

      2. please resolve my issue

        [email protected] Feb 23 (11 days ago)
        Please do not reply to this email! Your request (#92617) has been received, a…

        [email protected] Feb 23 (11 days ago)
        Your request (#92617) has been updated. Reply to this email or follow the lin…

        Mark Dailer
        Mar 4 (2 days ago)

        to noreply
        dear sir

        i am still waiting,
        please resolve my issue please please please

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