22 thoughts on “NEW features on AddMeFast.com – MySpace Friends (Connections) and YouTube Video Favorites

  1. Addmefast management,

    Please put a software wherein you could detect someone who will unlike a particular fanpage. My FB likes yesterday was 180 but when I woke up this morning it goes down to 176, that’s not good and very unfair. I hope you guys can solve this issue.

  2. Youtube comments would be helpful but also I would like the option of more than 50 countries to target my marketing. Normally I do not do target marketing but I needed more presence in some countries and do not want to have to make choices when several are crucial for a campaign and event planning. Also I have noticed fewer drops because most spammers carelessly fill out fake profiles and are stateless. It has as well been suggested that we would like to see a breakout of how many members or an approximation of how many users in each country. If a counter or graph for this is possible I think it would allow us to set clearer goals. Thanks and keep up the fantastic work.

  3. I can not wait to see ”Ask.fm likes” in our community (Addmefast)

  4. Why does it only let me add my “new myspace” account and not my old (classic) myspace account user name? I would rather stick with my classic myspace account

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