Changes in “Buy Points” section

Dear user as you can see you are not able to use PayPal as a payment method on AddMeFast. PayPal has limited our account and the message is “We noticed some unusual selling activity on your PayPal account” . We are number one social exchange network in the world, therefore we can receive lots of payments each day. Some of the payments can be suspicious, fraud ore something else. PayPal can’t protect sellers and check each payment, therefore  they could only limit the account.

Important: Don’t send payments to “[email protected]” PayPal account. This account is not ours. We will no longer support PayPal.

Now we are working hard to implement some payment systems such as “Skrill” (MoneyBookers), “Liberty Reserve”, “Perfect Money”, “Text2Pay” (sms payments), “ClickAndBuy” and etc. You will be able to pay by Credit/Debit Cards, Mobile (sms), Bank Transfer, e-Voucher/Prepaid Card and etc.

Please be patient and wait for some changes in “Buy points” section soon.
Sorry for any inconvenience
AddMeFast Team

28 thoughts on “Changes in “Buy Points” section

  1. Your account has been blocked for violation of our Terms.
    plz resolve this problem

  2. i add my page and i change it username then i removed it from my sits and i couldn’t add it again .
    it say’s “Oops! The FB page with the same FB ID already exists.”
    please solve this problem .

  3. Too bad they are limiting sellers accounts. It is normal for a seller account to have suspicious activities too. Anyways.. probably it is better with a card payment. With paypal people can easily open disputes. With card payments it is a bit harder.

  4. Very bad that Pay Pal is doing this. I hope addmefast can get it resolved with another payment method. Your site is very nice!

  5. This is really bad that Pay Pal is doing that. I hope addmefast will be able to resolve the problem with another payment method. This is a great site and very useful.

  6. If you can make this application for android it will be more easy for us.. without a pc we can still earn point.. also easy to buy point using google playstore.. xD

  7. Please add youtube commant!
    I know there are 10,000 people waiting!
    Please add “Youtube Commands” yours!

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