New tool for all users, who have blocked items

Dear users, we are glad to inform you that Addmefast has just made a new option, which will help you with your blocked links. So, if your link got blocked for some reason, and you think that you corrected it , you can activate the blocked link yourself. Just click on the red ”error” button, then a window will be opened, follow the instructions and if your link is correct it will work again. If the link still remains blocked, it means that something is wrong with it. Then, you can contact Support centre without hesitation.

31 thoughts on “New tool for all users, who have blocked items

  1. someone use my facebook profile link on
    now i m trying to add this link on my account
    but i can not do this because URL already exist.
    now what to do?? to add this link in my own account???

  2. Thanks for the tool, my page link was blocked and i active my page link by this tool, this is really a good idea and easy to unblock link.

  3. But you cant fix a link when its blocked?
    mine has been blocked for over 2 days now and no reply from support and i have tried the new button which has fixed my link 3 times and then blocks it again straight away as soon as i refresh?

      1. Help ME addmeFast Admin i have problem when i am trying to fbpost shares its blocked!.. when i made fb likes only its works fine .. so what is the problem ??

  4. hello … my link have been block today & i dont know why this happen .. i buy an add me fast coins from your website & it was worked pretty good but today i see my link blocked and i tried to recheck it but unfortunately nothing happen so could you please reple me ASAP

  5. It doesn’t work. There’s nothing wrong with my url, the page is a legitimate registered business, and the permissions are fine. It’s somewhat inexplicable. Clicking on the exclamation icon rechecks, but says it’s still blocked, and when trying again it just says ‘please, try later’…

  6. Your site isn’t letting me sign-in. When I request a new password it says my email is not recognized.

    My password is the same and my email is the same. Why do I keep getting this error?

  7. The Facebook page you are trying to add does not exist or it is geographically, demographically or age restricted.

    What’s meaning it and how can i solve it ?

  8. Why we cant re add removed means means i have page in my sites i removed and then added it again now giving error same id already exist mailed support center it more than a day nothing happend

  9. Why you blocked me twice and i didn’t do anything wrong, fake or bot is this a service in your website to kill us? i thought you were the greatest site ever and i asked alot of my friends to join you and this what i got now 2 blocked for two important links ThankyouVeryMuch addmefast

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