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Dear friends

AddMeFast network wants to have new look in 2013, therefore we are starting competition for new design (for all pages).  You can send your design examples, even not fully completed. The competition will last 1 month (end date is 19.02.2013) and when it is over, our team will choose the winner. Attention, the winner will receive 1.000.000 points. The rules of our competition are very strict and only the best among the bests will be awarded, whose design will be  chosen as a design of Addmefast during 2013. Send designs to [email protected] .

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  1. What Is The Size Of Web Page ??
    I’m Not A web Designer But I’m Graphic Designer So can Design a Image For This Site 😀
    Is It ok ?
    And i can Send PSD File too.
    please telel me Width and height
    Thank you.. ! 🙂

  2. AddMeFast is a great site.I have an idea for addmefast.Why you not do an option for addmefast levels for example ” the users like 10 pages” and they get 2% of bonus points.I think it will make the site more used 🙂

  3. I seem to agree with every aspect that was in fact composed inside “AddMeFast
    Design 2013 Competition � AddMeFast Official Blog”.
    Many thanks for all the info.Many thanks-Tammy

  4. What Is The Size Of Web Page ??
    I’m Not A web Designer But I’m Graphic Designer So can Design a Image For This Site 😀
    Is It ok ?
    And i can Send PSD File too.
    please telel me Width and height 🙂
    Thank you.. !

  5. Hi guys How can i do this ?!

    please tell me ‘. or Give Me link . this site to do new style for Addmefast

    i have good idea

  6. hey, why dont you make some application for any phone, like android.. it would be nice, and more useful.

  7. So what exactly is it you want use to desgin ? The logo, front logo and the small icons ? Beause there isn’t really alot of pictures on the as it is…..

  8. y u guyz dont add facebook post comment button? it gonna be work like charm (Y)
    think about it please?

  9. ho un problema su il sito addmefast , quando vedo video , mi iscrivo o metto mi piace hai video non mi danno punti ho questo problema da una settimana !risolvete questo problema per favore . grazie in anticipo 🙂

  10. Ben size yardım edebilirim ve çokda güzel yaparım bilgiseyarcıyım web sitesi,tasarımlar bunun gibi şeyler ayarlayabiliyorum yardımcı olabilirim mesaj atarsanız eğer .

  11. Hi admin,
    You need one main design for all the pages or each page should have a different design?

    1. We need design for not loggedin pages (homepage, register, etc.), design for logged in pages(free points, referrals, etc.) and logo. But the header and footer will be the same anywhere.

  12. Lets make a deal…

    because I just discovered this sight last and found it to be a bit complex for my phone.Over the next month we can get this done together and I can change my genre from gospel to conscience hip hop or something I can’t take it no more! I need to put a cool new album out, you need to put a cool a new web design up. I’m in if you’re in.

    Email me.

  13. hello, im really confused, what exactly do we do? so we make a design for the site and which ever one you like, gets 1,000,000 points?

  14. Hey addmefast! Is it possible that you can also award 10 runner-up prizes with like 10,000 points? Or some amount? Adding that to the rules will most likely make more of us more willing to do it, since there will be more of a possibility that we’ll be rewarded for our hard work, even if we don’t get 1st. Because, right now, it sort of seems like too many people are already entering and it’s only been 2 days. Therefore, by the end probably people will only have about a 0.5% chance or less of winning this thing. And I don’t think I would really want to spend whole days working on something with that probability. Thank you. I hope you can do this.

    1. I think it’s a pretty good Idea to only give the winner the 1.000.000 points. and I mean.. if you are not willing to spend whole (working) days to work on something you are probably not going to make it. to make a fully functional (crossbrowser friendly, userfriendly) etc. start of with a sketch, and all that stuff. you are really working 1 month for it.. and they gave a nice deadline. You are not going to make 1 design, you are probably going to change designs because the other one looks better with something else. it’s not always how you were thinking of it.

      I am only done with the Guest frontpage and the user registration/login page. which is probably not done in the end because I change my mind everyday…

      so.. Gooduck.

      1.000.000 points is $2400,- btw. 😉

  15. Just want to ask something, 19th february is the end date right? not that if you guys find a web design that is ‘probably awsome’ the whole contest ends, while people are still ‘in the making off’.
    So 19th february you guys are beginning to choose right?

    1. Yes! But if no one’s design will be perfect for us, we will continue the competition, but before 19-th if someone will send design that we need we will choose him/her.

      1. is there any way to get in touch with you guys?
        Because I want this to be as perfect as possible.

        Never made a website without talking to the customer.


      1. hmmmmmmm 500 k website hits that would be nice time to try and win the competition since im a very good designer how long as this competition got ?

  16. I am a Software Engineer during the day, and at night a Web Designer 🙂

    Goodluck everybody!

    You guys will hear from me! 🙂

  17. Hi dear Admin, I am Not a complete Web designer, But i can design best web page template for guys only in Corel Draw,…
    If you want the designs Just Let me Know, I will design and give you the Jpeg Format and any format you want except HTML, 😀

  18. Hello, Can we(addmefast users) send you design in JPG formats. If yes, then I’m ready to submit several brilliant designs to you. Thanks.

      1. Sir, I’ve designed a modern yet eye candy page of AddMeFast main page/Free points in jpg format. Should I email you that one page to take a look and if you like the design. Thanks.

  19. I’m a graphic design major from USC, I CAN and WILL make and try my best to help the site in any way possible..but i literally am so caught up with other things but if you give me an idea i can do it, you’ve just gotta point me in the right direction, if you want anything you know how to reach me i don’t do email add
    and trying to tour next month if you would like to arrange something then

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