Country target likes and website performance problems.

Dear users, today, we have released the new feature : country target likes for testing. Having explored the new feature and its consequences ( the performance problems, the slow speed of the site)  we have paused the option for a while.

An important information for the users, who have already used the new feature: your selected countries will be saved in our system and after the final launch of the  feature your links will continue to get country target likes.

Thank you for your support.

53 thoughts on “Country target likes and website performance problems.

  1. I really enjoy the way you wrote this article. I just bookmark the page and i will be back soon to read more from this interesting site. Thank you.

  2. ho un Problema do il sito addmefast, when Vedo il video, mi iscrivo o metto mi piace hai il video non mi Danno Punti ho QUESTO Problema da Una settimana! risolvete QUESTO Problema please. grazie in Anticipo

  3. there should be bonus point after 200 points.50 bonus points r too addition users who are active here daily should receive sme bonus pnt after a week.w8ing 4 ur response

  4. I keep getting logged out being in the website. If I leave the site there idle for like 5 seconds, I will get logged out. I also get logged out while I’m liking facebook pages. Any fixes for this?

  5. I’ve used the following new feature to identify the target countries but do not work and there is no difference than previously

  6. This is Good But My suggestion is that create new feature for Facebook like. Facebook like is growing everyday. But The Facebook likes feature is too slow for like.
    I like the Twitter follower’s feature, It’s works too fast, Just click and follow.
    So that feature would be very awesome for Facebook likes, Just click and Like, no need to open Popups.

  7. Adorei a ideia!! Isso vai ajudar mais ainda a divulgar o nosso trabalho. Claro que divulgar em outros países sempre é uma ajuda bem vinda. Mas como estamos iniciando, o público alvo logicamente deve ser o do nosso país.
    Gostamos muito da ideia. Esperamos que o problema seja logo resolvido para que todos possam usar o recurso.

  8. When do you expect to make it live..? I havn’t seen it yet but will be glad to know where can I find it and how can I use it.


  9. i am waiting this country target service new feature ,local target is very important in a website. Good job addmefast ,best of luck keep it up.

  10. At future, we can get Country target likes? If you can solve your problems and again start country target likes then we can get more money from oDesk and Freelancer. Thanks!

  11. Hello! I love this idea of target country!
    Where will be able this option? In wich section?
    Regards, friends!

  12. my account its blocked and i dont know why blv help me i want it back bcz right now all url i add it said its alaerdy used thanks my account its thanks

  13. Can u expand the limit of CPC (2-10point)
    Because now majority user all put the same 9-10point per click, it slow down the effective of this kind of services.

    Hope you get my message and make a change or improvement.


  14. I’m also gett ingan error I cannot follow any more twitters at this time….. or something like that. Is there a limit?

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