53 thoughts on “2 New Features in AddMeFast

  1. plzzz dear help my is blocked in add mefast how i can fix this???? plz

  2. Is there any chance for us to get the + watch in deviantart.com as a new feature on your site?
    I am using your service in Iran and because the Internet speed here is slow, many times I have problem with closure’s time in my browser and I cannot like many of fb pages.
    And sorry for my bad English 🙂

  3. Could you people please add “+1” feature in your website.? I would really love that feature to use and expand your and my social network.

  4. I’ve already written. But now I can not open that page. Everything I wrote what happened and give the url but now that I want to see what you answer me I can not open the page.

  5. hello admin i have a problem.
    i was increasing my friend’s facebook id subscriber.
    and now i invited my friend to addmefast.
    now i deleted his subscriber link from my addmefast account,
    but the problem is this when he is adding own link to his addmefast account it says “this url is taken”
    what i do now?

  6. Dera Admin plz reactivate my account i opened my account after a long time and i m not getting points instead i m getting this msg
    Get daily 100 bonus points!
    (Only daily active users can get bonuses at this time)
    You have not done enough clicks today to get points. You have to do at least 10 clicks (this refers to all network types, with the exception of website hits) to get points. The total amount of your today’s clicks is 0
    plz help me

  7. Could you add in Facebook likes on statuses and pictures? There was only one site that did it but they just got their site suspended. Your site is the best out there and it would be so awesome if you added this feature.

  8. Why when i like other pages, sometimes i get already liked facebook page again? Is it because some idiots have this FB page connected to more than one AddMeFast accounts? This Brabus car FB page is driving me crazy. You should gave link checker so we wont get already liked pages again

  9. porque quando eu boto o meu id la no fb subscribers nao pega? aparece que nao existe po, eu boto só meninovip e não pega, já botei os numeros (id) do meu face tbm n pegou, disse q n existe, porque administrador? deixe uma resposta, por favor!

  10. in YouTube Views

    when see

    view video

    Must play for 0/30 seconds

    I can not understand why these words mean

    i get that

    CAPTCHA: Please click on the image with the false position to get points.

    Can I add you the best for this property

    1. It means that you must view the video at least 30 seconds, then a picture appears and you have to select the picture with the correct position. After this you will get points.

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