New Facebook Share Feature !!!

We are glad to announce that we have just finished the works on the new Facebook Share feature. In one hand this is considered completely new feature, on the other hand this has come to replace Facebook Web likes. We hope it will work much more better and stable than Web likes. At the same time we have moved  all the active links from Facebook Web likes to Facebook Share with the 0 CPC. If you wish, you can ran those campaigns setting your CPC. Henceforth, Facebook Web likes will be available only for Facebook pages. When you submit a page, the domain of the URL must be .

In the section of Facebook Share you will be able to submit only websites , not Facebook links.

55 thoughts on “New Facebook Share Feature !!!

  1. i have this problem “•The Facebook page you are trying to add does not exist or it is geographically, demographically or age restricted.”, what can i do?

  2. pleasee help mee:( why you don’t give me new follower??,and i like videos but it says” tecnically wrong”

  3. That’s great but are web likes ever coming back? That was my driving feature which i thoroughly used.

  4. i want to give some suggestion for better performance of addmefast
    Dear admin ! plz do something that if we have liked any page than it will not displayd again on our addmefast account
    because it is frustating and time consuming for us

  5. well… we do twitter flowers,………..why you don’t add facebook page like samE>/?………………it is taking to much time now…..please…with due respect…….add some easy function……so we can work fast and invite friends,,,,REply as soon as possible ,,,,,,,,from admin of

  6. Certain AddMeFast users are cheats. They follow on twitter, gain points but then again unfollow you! AddMeFast should do something relating this case.

  7. the facebook share does not read my facebook status it says The “Facebook page you are trying to add does not exist or it is geographically, demographically or age restricted”.

  8. the facebook share is not working what can i do to make it work its not reading my page it says “You cannot add facebook page”.

  9. addmefast should make a facebook share that shares peoples status
    please leave me a comment if thats ever going to happen

    hope i get a reply as soon

  10. Please, make likes and share for facebook link of pages! We post the link to the post and people like and/or share <3

  11. Hi, messaged you again earlier but not sure you got it ok.
    I tried to add a site to FB share but it would not let me as it was alteady in FB site likes so I deleted it from Addmefast and re added as a FB share but it started it back in FB site likes again. Is there any way around this as I have lots ot sites in FB likes that I want to change to FB share. Thanks.

  12. You cannot add facebook page what is that not working? ipaste the photo link in my facebook page but say this: You cannot add facebook page !

  13. Please !!!!! Why do u make it very difficult to reach some likes in facebook fan page ^_^ in the past it was very easy ^_^ i reach 5000 fans in my old page that its hacked !!!! So plzzz make it easy for us and finally im using my phone i cant do anything !!!!!!! Do any thing for me plzzz

  14. Is this already available? Atm I get an error that I can’t add a facebook page for FB Shares…

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