Country target likes/views/followers are coming soon!

Dear users we are about to finish the implementation of the new feature on AddMeFast: Country target likes/views/followers and etc.

After the full implementation we will continue the launching of more new features, among which will be : Facebook share, LinkedIn, Reverbnation and SoundCloud followers and so on.


76 thoughts on “Country target likes/views/followers are coming soon!

  1. please how does the target country feature are work ??
    does i set my country and where i set it if yes ?? or this work automatic by ip location ?? i don’t understand how it is work ??

    1. Unfortunately we can not say an exact data. There are being done some changes connected to the performance of the site. We can not say how much it will take.

  2. im waiting for this feature, thanks and great work, u are the best keep it up !!…..

  3. I CANT EVEN add a page it keeps saying’Facebook username does not exists, please enter valid username or id’..

  4. We love to see changes and improvement. Is there any date of releasing this wonderful ideas of setting location? We love to hear from you soon.

    1. The limit is set for users, who want to use that option. If you do not like the tool, you can just not use it. But there are great number of users, who need likes from a certain part of the world.

  5. When you will put a history page, so we can see what pages we liked and who liked our pages

  6. hey hey hey…..We need the date to launch so that we can start counting backwads 5 4 3 2 1 LAUNCHED… ! Nice Work Admin for the coming features!

  7. Where is the “country target tweets” ?
    I must be write in Turkish
    Sorry for bad English

  8. Oh! Thanks, awesome! Very excited about shares and targeted. I have an idea also, it would also be good to target not only the demographic but maybe target age and gender as well?

  9. thank you all the teem of addmefast , that’s what your site need to give us an active liker

  10. WOW , It will be very good add to addmefast. Please, I have another feature Which is ( Limit the number of likes/views/followers and etc ). Are you interested about this idea ? ,

      1. Dear Director Why do not you find us a way to increase Alasedkaelan number I have very few friends and it will also be beneficial to you if you do this service pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz

    1. Hey! You guys allowed targeted likes for a little while last night. It was awesome. Why did U stop it?

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