YouTube View and SoundCloud sections are available again

Dear users we have enabled again the work of YouTube view and Soundcloud sections. In these two sections we have done a global change ( captcha-human check) , thanks to which you will receive real views and listening and you will not lose points any more. These changes are in the confines of anti-bot program.


9 thoughts on “YouTube View and SoundCloud sections are available again

  1. soundcloud doesn’t working again.. we just leave some points but site doesn’t give listens (sorry for my engilish)

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  3. Why am I getting trouble when I sign in here on addmefast ? please reply
    I shows loading when i try to sign in here

  4. Hey I dont know where to post this message, so i just post it here, I can like videos on youtube but i dont get any points for it, can you please help me out with that. 100% im not using any kinds of bots.

    PS: i can still use the subscribe button and the other ones.

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