New features on AddMeFast

We are glad to announce our users , that AddMeFast began the release of the new features. We have already finished Twitter ReTweet feature. Then, we are going to set up Twitter Tweet and Favorite, Facebook Share features. We are also planning to create another options and features about which you will be notified very soon. Thank you for supporting AddMeFast.

61 thoughts on “New features on AddMeFast

  1. admin 5 user register through my refferl but iam not got my points **status show panding ** why????
    any body help me?

  2. so my last two comments have been deleted. my email to support has not been answered either. is it because i am moaning about the point thiefs on here and not saying how much ‘i loveeeeee you’??!

    please do something or compensate me.

      1. thank you for your response earlier. really appreciated it. i have responded since and just now, so pls do take a close look at the issues. thank you

    1. Jen – it is not just you . They have not posted my comment either . That error message “oops … something went wrong” … is very consistent and it happens a lot .

  3. For all bands featured on ReverbNation I guess it would be cool to have the Reverbnation-Player-Hits increased -> would be almost the same like the YouTube-Plays-Feature…..

  4. Tweet favorites is a good feature, but clicks are not matching twitter.
    I have had 19 clicks, but the tweet page shows a total of 8

  5. but, i put my page and get about 900 likes but now i change me url but how to get likes , the earlier page link is not working, and i am jst looosing money

  6. THANKS! You are awesome, guys! I agree that you should add Facebook likes. Also, Instagram followers and Tumblr likes an retumblrs. That would be great.

  7. You should also add a system, where you can choose how many points you want to distribute to a feature (Website hit, Facebook like, etc.).

  8. Targeted Country likes for sure I don’t want my account banned, once you do the switch I will invest in more points again for Likes

  9. Great … thnk u .. and I think we
    Need 2 things also—
    1. Country Targeted FB Like and Twitter Followers
    2. FB post and FB status increase like system

  10. Yups.. its ossam
    Why don’t you create fb likes as same as twitter followers ??
    twitter followers shows many accounts at a time. How about creating a page which about 20 fb pages at a time ??
    It will become very fast.

    And yeah! waiting for fb share..

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