AddMeFast warns!!!

AddMeFast warns: The users who have ever used or who will try to use bots and will rob points without clicking will be banned permanently. Hundreds of accounts are blocked per day for using bots!!!! And we advise them not to write to the Support center, it will make no sense. We never support cheaters and spammers!!! We will do everything to keep our network clean and avoid our honest users to be harmed.

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  1. i unpublished my page for some time and agian i published my page.But still it’s showing your page was blocked by admin…how to come out from this problem..?

  2. My URL was blocked and I don’t even know what a bot is. I’ve followed all the rules and even paid for points. Please help me get it unblocked. Support hasn’t replied to me and its been days

  3. please help!
    l added a link and then i deleted it,after one minute i wanted to add it again but when i try to add my page it saying check your url already exist.
    thank you…

  4. HEy Admin

    whenever i try to add my FB url it says Url already exist Error.I dont have any other account and neither i added this id with any other AMF account.I am sure its some error.Can you please help me out so i can purchase some points.i want more subscriber.

    This is my AMF account :: [email protected]

    This is my FB url ::

    please help


  5. admin, i posed a question re theft of points. can we name and shame the culprits on the forum or would you prefer i send a list by email?

    i have quite a few, hence asking!

  6. Dear AddMeFast…

    I have been warned twice now that I should “slow down”. Why is this? I never used a bot and I been using this site for months now. It’s pretty quick to collect points. If I was using a bot I would have way more points then I already do.

  7. Hello Admin,
    Thanks for making your service Bot Free..It’s really appreciated.. Obviously I am not using any bot or scripts.. But after collecting 1000+ points.. I keep getting warning massage.. is that okay or normal or you will suspend my account? I am collecting points fast because my manually typing and clicking speed is high, but i am not using bot..please don’t suspend my account. I’m your one of sweet customer lol.. <3 <3 thanks again! keep it up!

  8. Huh guys, you are really improving. Before few month in 30 mins i could find like 4 different active bugs. Now its really lowered. Good work oy. I like to see how you manage to do your business. Even i dont use this stuff often, it shows that with good idea and right people with the right process you can achieve alot.

  9. Is there a limit of likes that I can do per day? I am getting the waring and please be aware: it does makes sense to contact the support center IF I am NOT using any automatic whatever thing mentioned in the warning! I think that you can see that I do check every page I like, as I am not interested in liking some kind of pages….

  10. Two of them are still stealing my points They are linking my page but i dont see them in my list and they like the same page many times in small intervals ” Robert Healey ” ” Tony Lane ” .. Pls do something

  11. i have been monitoring our followings across a number of services (pinterest, fb and google+ etc). it seems people are constantly taking our points and then unliking/following across all these services at a phenomenal rate. the Google+ result has been shocking, with a 100% unlike over a number of days!!!

    i have been taking screenshots of our fb followers, as it’s the most important to me, and there is a great number of people that i have caught doing this. so my question to the admin is, would you like me to post the names of the culprits on here in the public domain or would you like me to send you a list of these people by email?

    either way, what do you intend to do about it?

    will you reprimand them in some way?

    will you compensate me by taking their points and allocating them to me?

    i am really angry at these people since i have been slaving away day and night to get points and have been honouring them. yet i see a lot of people abusing the system and taking the piss.

    as you know i have paid for the service a couple of times and intended to buy bigger packages, but at this rate how can the expense be justified when all that will happen is my points will just dissapear without the numbers to show for it.

    admin, please advise.

  12. I don’t understand why some people use this service and after they like the page, in 2 hours they unlike..

  13. Is it possible to create an official bot? So he clicked, that is without cheating.

  14. when will the fb likes option start work again????????????

    plz tell as early as possible

    1. Today is better, but still not all the way. I turn my page on for a little bit and then I gain three people for every 50 (10 CPC) I dole out. I have been pausing it, stockpiling more points and then going in batches of three. It’s very hard for the bots to work that way. But I agree with some of the other posters. Please post here when you clean these bots up. And stay on top of Twitter. It is a hotbed of scripts and bot trading. They have gotten stupid since the FB purge.

  15. i love addmefast because it give me a chance to show out my figures and turn my body in a good way by having a plenty subscribers.,now i got thousand od subscribes before its only 47.,

  16. send an email when bot thieving is fixed… if i purchase I a throwing my money away…there is no way that I used 1000 points in 1 second… and no page increases shown… FRUSTRATING… thanks for a great site…

  17. i love add me fast i had about 500 subs,likes and other things this the best thing i know it

      1. i love add me fast honestly.but i want to say that if i like a page then after liking several pages the page i like first come so many times again and again why?

  18. not sure if it’s me or if my comments are being deleted, but i’m sure i was the first to comment on this thread but now can’t see it!

    anyways, admin fyi here are a cpl of people who have liked and then unliked my page. think you should compensate me by taking points off them!:

    Le Quynh
    Rayan Rahman

    more to come when i have time to monitor them!

    1. having a problem just like JC ……………… but almost great work add me u

  19. i am sick of losing my hard earned points from hours of clicking like subscribe or follow etc to bots in seconds and not having my likes etc increase please make sure they cant use this site and ruin it for people. and i am sick of the fake profiles that facebook is deleting dropping my fan counts down too. I have been stuck at the same number for about a month now I am clicking on peoples profiles for what ???? to stay at the same number it is truly frustrating!

  20. Hey. I just have one question. Why do my points go up sometimes even if I haven’t actually earned any in a while? Is it because I’ve lost a subscriber or something?

  21. I am facing seroius issue , NO CLICKS but points DEDUCT ?????? Till yesterday everything was fine but today what happened ?? … please check

  22. Good and very good steps. But problem is here I saw without getting any like or vote for my fan page 20 like extra points deduct from my account. But I do not get any single like. And another problem is if I get 100 like but point deduct for 150 like and more. It is very harmful.

  23. Addmefast isn’t loading 🙁 Firefox is saying “Cannot establish a connection to” are you updating some script? Or are those stupid botters got something to do with it >.<

    Keep them botters away and keep the great work going! You've helped me a lot with my youtube subscribers ^^


  24. That’s wonderful news!!!! I get likes that seem to be from bots but then I lose those likes on my Facebook page because of Facebook cleaning up Facebook pages with “likes” that aren’t from real profiles.

  25. Thankyou so much 🙂 We are now loosing less likes ,but still some points are being wasted .

    But thanks AMF for all your efforts .

    You Loyal User,

  26. I kept so many hopes on it and started working on it. I said this site to many of my friends , they are using it happily but I got blocked.This is what I got for doing good thing. Hope addmefast can reply me and get to know what the actual problem is.!

  27. Blaming on every one is not good Addmefast because i am using sincerely your site since i go to know about your site but never thought you do that.!

  28. Even i am also a Honest user but don’t understand why you blocked my account.! can i know the reason.?

  29. What about whom are having specific issues, there is something called warning first then punishment. I already submitted my issue, what else should I do so I can make you satisfied?

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