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These days we have noticed a decrease of FB page likes : for example the FB page of our new project AdFa.st has lost more than 1000 likes in half day. This loss of the likes is not connected to the unliking of the users, because the amount is huge and in a short period great deal of the likes can be lost. This is only Facebook issue and AddMeFast does nothing to do with it. Of course, on AddMeFast there is also little percentage of the spam, which makes only 5% ( that is to say you see the amount of the clicks on AddMeFast, from which only 5% can be lost from your likes which you have gained on AddMeFast). During  the last hours we have searched many times about this problem in the internet and have come across with many articles on this issue and we found out that this is a systematical clean up or some kind of bug of Facebook. Among all the articles we have read the most valuable one was the comment of one of our users (Thank You, Dimy).

{Dimy    August 3, 2012 at 02:32

I WANT EVERYONE TO READ THIS. FB is purging fake accounts. The slide you are seeing, Slick, is not AMF’s issue. Even Avatar lost a quarter of a million likes today. That’s what they gain in a week. Erased. FB originally did this in July when Germany ordered all accounts be verified. They took it a step further to then purge accounts in other areas. I can’t tell if this is for server space or simply a cleanup. Possibly the two purges are unrelated. But the first purge was the 4th of last month. If this continues, we have a little more to worry about. The slides average a drop of about 100-600 over a three hour window. It’s not a glitch and even sites like Family Guy and Twilight are affected. AMF is, I believe, doing everything they can, but FB is systematically getting rid of the spammers AMF has been trying to prevent. This hurts the reputation of all companies involved as the true base becomes aware of juicing instead of trying to recruit a community of sharers. Only time will tell, but be watching for this every month around this time. I know I will.}

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  1. You really make it appear really easy together with your presentation however
    I to find this matter to be actually something which I think I would never understand.
    It seems too complex and extremely wide for me.
    I am looking ahead for your subsequent put up, I’ll attempt to get the grasp of it!

  2. Please can someone help me?! – i add my facebook url in the addmefast.com and it says ” URL already exists ” 🙁 ((((( what shoul i do?? please help me

  3. helllllllo admin addme fast i got a problem when i make Fb share posts its got block ,, when i make now likes its works fine 🙂 why?

  4. dear admin, today, i liked many page but not get points. tell me something wrong ” Oops! Something went wrong. You are closing the popUp too fast “. i close pop up after “like” about 3s – 5s. it dispay “closing the popUp too fast ” and not get points.

  5. hello Admin i can’t add my site

    i ma new in addmefast
    Oops! The FB page with the same FB ID already exists.
    Plase Delete my page in any Accunt
    its my page

  6. Hi Admin My Facebook I want to add on the site addmefast.com, but tell me Oops! The FB page with the same FB ID already exists. Possible assistance One has added My Site

      1. But the problem is not resolved Oops! The FB page with the same FB ID already exists. and I need to my FB page Because I want Added in Addmefast. Please Admin

  7. Oops! La cuenta de Twitter con el mismo ID de la cuenta de Twitter ya existe.
    me aparece este error al agregar mi cuenta de twitter!.
    Please I need help.

  8. Hellow admin when i am working on facebook likes when i like a page lots of pages saying oops some thing went wrong why is this and when we wil get points on 8 cpc

  9. Now Youtube Likes aren’t being counted. I went through and liked about 20 videos, out of the 20 likes i did, 1 of them received the points. They keep saying oops something is wrong. I am signed into my YT acct also. Is this being fixed?

      1. Thanks guys. I’ve been losing a lot of points but not gaining too many fans. However, on the upside, I haven’t had a recent slide on FB. I know everyone is busy and engagement is hard to come by which is I assume why we’re here trying to expand. When we have time after completing our projects we should all try to interact. It’ll be great. We’ll have a strong community. Regardless of what happens at FB.

  10. I made 1000 fans from Add me fast. Yesterday i lost all 1000 Fans. How can i contact Facebook regarding this bug ?

  11. Dear Admin ,

    I would like to tell the AMF team that SPAM has again entered your system . You say its facebooks problem but here are my stats :

    cpc : 10 clicks : 178
    what i got 98 Likes .
    Time : 5-10 minutes ;
    Loss: -800 points

    Please help us ; Give your users once again 300 points daily who make daily 100 clicks.

    500 to those who make 200 clicks.

    750 to those who make 400 clicks daily .

    Hoping for your reply

    1. If there is a percentage of Spam it is very little and we do our best to fight against it using different tools. And we will think about increasing daily bonus points.

  12. Can you please add targeted Likes for the USA, I don’t want to get my account banned with so many foreign country people liking my page. Thanks

  13. Definitely something wrong with the Facebook likes : had about 230 points this morning, now I have 2 left and… minus 4 fans on my page.

  14. Hi, not sure if my last post posted or not – I am having trouble trying to add a page to addmefast. It keeps saying “FB page with the same FB ID already exists” – I deleted it originally because I had a username for the page and when trying to readd the page that was the message that appeared. Can you help?



      1. Hi thank you for replying admin, I posted 2 tickets in the past few days but not sure if you got it?

      2. Hi admin, I didn’t get a ticket number and don’t see one in my emails. How do I find the number?

    1. Another update and question for everyone: First off, FB staff is now selling off all their stock as of today. This usually means end game at most companies. We’ll see. Just keep that in mind. Was on Myspace last night – have a Twitter and love it but just felt sentimental – Conclusion: we were much less rude as an internet back then. I’m embracing all new changes to networking after the demise of FB. Never forget how miserable it made you. Anyway, noticed something strange regarding Google. Youtube vids and likes don’t appear to be counted, subscribes are behaving erratically and my points without action are going up and down by the hundreds. Is it just me? AMF is pretty awesome about maintenance. Something going on at Google as well or have you made more changes?

  15. i have already lost more than 350 likes. whats d rule of fb,theres no need to know,just wanna say we hv worked so hard to get likes.so as they lost,all the liabilities hv to bounded to AMF bcj the likers r from AMF.So AMF must hv to take proper steps either we hv to do something…

  16. Loss of FB page likes: due to fb? not always.
    3 days ago I added a facebook page.
    I now have: 246 clicks on AMF and +176 LIKE on facebook page.
    I’m not saying that I had 246 LIKE, and now I have 176 (may have been deleted by FB),
    I SAY THAT I checked the counter AMF in real time for hours (+1 click, +1 click, +2 click etc.) while the counter is not incremented on facebook page.
    This has happened many times, and I lost 70 clicks (for now) at cpc 8 and 9; this is a loss of 30%.
    Sometimes, the AMF counter is increased 7-8 consecutive clicks without any variation on facebook page.
    I think there’s still some bugs on AMF system.
    Admin, you can fix this please? thanks

      1. I have been noticing drops, but this is what I think is going on barring any AMF internal investigation as I have elaborate graphs for my product’s growth and decline. As we gather points, we share them and FB has been doing mass drops both for fakes and again per the German government. If you lose German fans with whom you have contact or are a German fan, encourage those reopening accounts to put themselves in Austria to protect both their privacy and their pages themselves. Avatar is signed up to drop major coin on ads which also have FB bots and fake users so FB can get the cash it needs to run. FB doesn’t care about fakes as much as it cares that they are not fakes made by FB and even those are getting deleted so companies will have to repay to regain a following with 2% engagement on any product if we’re talking real people. Also new government accounts are being made which are automatically liking and friending people for the purpose of surveillance per FB’s contracts with various software companies. FB is forcing you to buy ads via blackmail of reputation sabotage. I assure you 400 some people are not unliking us all in the same second. Not even that many people are checking out their likes and feeds. FB is deleting them by region in batches. Avatar’s drops have been consistent with mine and then they will start going back up after a 15 min – 1/2 hour period because of the paid ads. Conclusion: FB is deleting even the fake people they make to get your money. Everyone is going to be on this rollercoaster ride. No choice. No real remedy. AMF is merely a life preserver at this point for FB which has very little life left if it doesn’t take drastic action to fix its business model. My advice is to increase slowly – the average major brand is doing 15-17 people a day under 100k fans and others are losing 3-5 per day because of these deletions, watch the #facebook tag on Twitter for news as things are changing quickly, and you might want to use AMF for Pinterest and Twitter and start creating hashtags for your brands. Build up these communities because real people talking is a lot better than thousands of files sitting.

  17. This web site is starting now really enoying old system was very good we were getting likes on cpc 7 and 8 and little like were decreasing but now we are not getting likes when cpc is not 10 and lots and lots of likes are ldecreasing our all hard work is going to the sea really bad now plz admin do some thing
    because lots of people leaving now and hen yuo got a bad impression then its very difficult to get back all the persons again to this web site


  18. hmm i have also lost so many likes i didn’t counted it. n more important thing that i m not getting like in CPC 6 but previously cpc 6 waz good

  19. Dear All,

    Try to build 50 likes daily and then go to your Fanpage. Track new likes from which ids we got. Or just copy the new likes in a notepad. After 24 hours defiantly there will be a loss of FBLikes. Then compare the new likes with notepad file. We will defiantly track the fraud guys.

    Then we will inform the same with AMF team to block those ids.

    Please participate and include your fraud list as comment.

  20. I can not add any page on addmefast. Even new and fresh page. My every new page showing ops page already exist. What is problem? Admin give answer.

  21. Dear Admin

    I am getting error –

    “Oops! The FB page with the same FB ID already exists.”

    My facebook page is new and has on 2 likes , how can it exist in your syatem ?

    Please there is a bug in your system . Please fix it fast 🙂

    We all love addmefast so please fix it fast !

    I have already written to suport centre about this . There is no reply .

    Please help me .

  22. hello , my names manal fannan and im a member since a lot of time
    i like you’r site and i courage people to do it i have 88 referales under me
    also i make my money from you i collect points in thene i buy theme also i will buyy you’r packs
    but today i wake up with this issue:
    every page im trying to add !!! he told me that is already exist!!!! please im from pore famlie in north of africa i find this very useful for me and my familie i sepent a lot of time collecting those point so please help me
    if you need my account please tell me
    good luck and i wish you will fixe every thing today caz i have prders thanx

    1. I want to share some thoughts with everyone. My product took three years to roll out and I ended up trying to fibrillate my page as I continue to go through production. It’s brutal. I lost another 300 likes last night and I am fine with this because they are not real customers. But there is something else I read you should know. Back in 2007 there was a rumor FB was going to be a paid site. There was some truth behind it. FB couldn’t afford the server space mostly due to things like Zynga games and poker. Well, FB has been revealed to be creating their OWN fake likes to sell to companies in order to keep the operation running. And the biggest companies are having their fake fans they paid for deleted. I am very close with the management but their zeal to pursue Google (and now everyone else) at all costs competitively and get into contracts with software companies to spy on people per the Pentagon is ruining them. Soon people will not want to be there. Very soon. It’s a fact this downfall is going to be worse than myspace and people will be flocking to Pinterest and Twitter. Reddit will probably also expand in ways for which it wasn’t really intended. And there will be new sites. As you can imagine Linkedin is going through something similar because everyone is looking for a job. It’s become so dire CareerBuilder is seeking help as FB expands and tries to move against them in the career arena. I just want everyone to know, although we create great networks on FB, the management is abusing power and sinking their own company. They ere trying to convince you you have a mental illness through The Daily Mail if you don’t engage regularly in order to mine your data for sale as well as using other propaganda. They are in court over using your content for sale right now. They have just passed a law in Australia yesterday a fan page will have to monitor comments as they are considered ads within themselves and are holding companies responsible for what its following says. People are getting friend requests from spy shills paid out of San Francisco who act as friends and when they confirm with the actual person nothing was sent. If you try to post something truthful that goes against an agenda, it is blocked, you can be blocked, reported or they will strip functions such as liking and further commentary. Something sinister is afoot. We are the product and we are the solution. We might want to think about taking our networks elsewhere. Yes, we’ve worked hard, but we are working on a collapsing house. FB is becoming a desperate despotic entity.
      My thoughts.

  23. I have a question: With the new ‘Facebook Like’ system in place, is it at all possible for the the folk at Facebook to slap me with the temporary inability to receive likes from outside sources, such as this one?

  24. Google +1 also went away after 2-3 days:((I don not know what’s happening.So sad

  25. i have facing problem whn I’m trying to add Facebook page it says “Oops! The FB page with the same FB ID is already exist” i myself delete page in morning accidentally now its not adding it please help

    1. Dear users, if you submitted a Facebook page , then changed its name or set a username and then you are trying to add it again , you will always get this error : Oops! The FB page with the same FB ID is already exist.

      1. nn it’s not working at all whene i want to add a facebook page :
        Oops! The Twitter account with the same Twitter Account ID already exists.!!!

  26. Hello admin,

    Now addmefast services are very slow, I added FB fanpage 3 days ago and submited CPC point 9 but now get total likes 165 likes in 3 days. It’s very slow, Why? Please let me know whats problem this site?

    Thank You

  27. admin, please help me, I have problem , when I am trying to add my page in facebook likes, it says that page already excist, but there is not in my pages list. :S pleasehelp me, mail me or pm me pleasee

  28. There nothing we can do. It was on the news CNN said FB is deleted fake accounts because of their advertiser is complaining about fake pages.They say if you page is not related to a business, it will probably get deleted. And people with more multiply account is being deleted also.

  29. I can not add my FB new fan page which has 2 like only. Addmefast page option showing this message(We cannot add your FB page, because it has less than 100 likes.). So what can we do for new fan page?

  30. Hey Addmefast,

    Please remove your 100 fans restriction on fanpages ! addmefst was a great platform for new fanpages . How are people going to get 100 likes before adding to addmefast?

  31. hey i keep getting errors when liking pages for points.. and i know its not something on my side because i use socialmediaexplode and their system is working when i like the pages… can you please fix your errors


  32. I got a solution so Facebook Like pages won’t get banned, on Reverbnation and on certain other social medias and websites they allow you to add a Facebook “Like” button on your profile, when you hit the “Like” button it automatically fans your Facebook Like page from an outside source, that being the website/social media you are using. On the Facebook insights it will show up as the place your getting “Likes” from, for example if a 100 people hit the “Like” button on Reverbnation they will automatically Like your Facebook Like page but it shows up as those fans coming from Reverbnation, not from ADDMEFAST.

  33. When are we going to have facebook post like and comment… we would love something like that (including picture and video sharing)

  34. lost 1500++ ohhhhhh……………. i think they are removing the ref likes? what can we do to stop thisss???

  35. i lost 2000 likes from my fb page,
    how can we het return

    some tell me about this probs

    can we report about fb for this thing ?

  36. thanks AMF for this
    i was so worry
    i lost lots of likes in 3 hours more than 300+ and I didn’t know why

  37. We cannot add your FB page, because it has less than 100 likes.
    pleaaaaaase help me i have a vierge page that’s i cant add pleaaase help me

    1. This is because of spammers. Some users creating a lot of new pages and put it on addmefast under 10 cpc. We don’t allow this kind of pages. Maybe we will decrease 100 to 50. Everyone can contact to support and after check we will add your FB page manually, if it have less then 100 fans. Thanks for understanding.

  38. This is hilarious. I have to hand it to you guys at Add Me Fast, trying to make out that you’re the anti-spammers, here to rid the world of Facebook spammers. That takes some balls.

  39. You’ve been temporarily blocked from liking Pages on Facebook because of the amount and type of Pages you’ve liked recently. We’ve also cleared all of your likes from the past 30 days.

    You’ll be able to like Pages again in 30 days.

    Remember that you should only like Pages you’re genuinely interested in. Visit the Facebook Community Standards to learn more about our policies.

  40. truth: my FB page have raised from 1500 to 6800 in 15 days from addmefast but right now the method and the whole website require a huge care its a big job but its a necessary

  41. for me the website is getting worse my FB page dosen’t get fans as usual i think you have to make your website more popular by ads or any way else

  42. frequently showed opps..something went wrong….what’s the problem…. I am dispointed about this..

  43. hey what happen yar i lost my 1200 points and got my points in minus -270 what happen> i need explationation.. i think i had to close my addmefast account. plz reply me

  44. Hi I received a mail from facebook telling me my account was blocked for one month because they notice a large number of likes through inauthentic mean
    “quote of they letter”

    Thanks for your inquiry. Upon investigation we found that your Page obtained a large number of likes through inauthentic means.

    We strongly discourage Pages from obtaining likes by questionable methods such as:

    -Like-exchanges (getting users to like each other’s Pages), like-sellers, etc -Misleading and incentivizing users to like your Page

    Obtaining likes by such means violates our policies. Accordingly, we have placed a temporary 30-day restriction on your site. Please note that if your Page continues to violate this policy, harsher enforcement will apply.

    In case you have purchased likes for your page, kindly provide us with the name and contact information of the entity from which you have purchased the unauthorized Likes or subscriptions and please include the transaction details. We shall remove the restrictions from your page as soon as we receive the above mentioned details.

    The Facebook Team

    so they investigate hard so I’am just waiting the end of the month

  45. Oh my goodness!!! I thought it was just me!!! I lost 500 plus likes last night, I searched everywhere to see what is going on, so I submitted to Facebook to ask whats going on, waiting for a reply..anyone knows what could have happened???? I lost 300 likes in 5 minutes, then 200 in half an hour…grrrr

  46. Last night I lost many likes…what happened… and Facebook first likes box was nice.. this box is feel boring..


    1. Don’t be shocked. Just found these. This makes everything clear now. It happened yesterday.Now it’s news.:

      Huff Post Article:

      2nd Huff Post Article:

      BBC Article on FB likes slide:

  47. Dear Admin

    Can you please give me any article posted on this saying about facebook purging likes posted on today…so that get more info about this and take more precautions to my pages…i have lost over 1000 likes overnight..want to know more about this..need 2 or 3 articles posted over web today after the likes being disappeared overnight..thanks

  48. Woah! Woah!!! Hey! I’ve come to this site because I new this can be trusted, yes, it does, but what about the the hardwork we’ve done in here?? Liking and liking JUST EARN a POINTS!!!!!!!!! PLS, study the negative effects first, before starting like this =))))))))))))) hope your note angry…. (just commenting)

  49. Thanks, guys. I noticed it last month when we were hitting our 40K mark, reached it and suddenly found ourselves in “free fall.” I was tearful, unaware how much we were losing and were going to lose. Then by the 6th it stopped at 7PM like it never happened. But in the meantime, I checked other pages and watched a horrifying three hour to four day purge for some people. Avatar was the worst hit and has been struggling to stay at 33M, sometimes even going as low as 29M. Fans didn’t notice though or were being censored – but that’s not the style of James Cameron or his team. Not one comment mentioning it out of the millions of fans. I noticed it only brought true fans out of the woodwork to defend the pages. And it was AMF that helped us gain another 4,000 fans with a good stick rate. Take heart in knowing if you go down, even a big drop, at least these guys are here to ensure the fake pages are replaced with real ones. The main reason we are having such a race is the major co’s buy fans or create pages in a certain region to put pressure on a target audience. They’ll make a batch of fake accounts in say Paris because they want to sell there. And it does work. It’s just not ethical. But with FB ads being so ineffective, desperate people do desperate things. Sometimes, you’ll be able to tell real bases from the fake ones. If you see tons of likes in say a city like LA, because that is where the pages are manufactured, you’ll soon realize LA couldn’t possibly have that many people liking this one thing. Most of the high level industry people such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have been caught with the record companies doing a city boost and offering things like 2,000 friends for a campaign of real fans. Then you see Lady Gaga’s numbers change when she does a tour, because she goes to Asia and gets real fans from that region. Her new region is Australia. They do this for Twitter as well. Keep in mind that it took The Beatles of all people to make a million dollars in four years at the height of their fame. They have 28 million fans now, which is about right, not including all the people who really love them and forget to add them or just hate like pages. However, if a page is huge and has tons of likes in London, chances are, they aren’t manufactured. Why does England like Family Guy? Stewie. He’s a national love. When an NY company has LA numbers, chances are someone is trying to give them a boost. Not so much if a Chicago company has NY numbers. But sites will likely have lots of fake fans anyway if they’re well known. And even sites that don’t intend to beef up their numbers fall prey to fakes. Imagine you’re The Simpsons. Some guy wants to make a fake account for gaming. It’s not entirely fake – he just doesn’t want to game with his personal page – but he feels pressure to make up some likes because of the way FB treats users who are actually real. He just puts down he likes The Simpsons. The Simpsons lose 50,000 gamers like him and then real fans think they’re in a slump and worse no longer “pretty.” Shows get cancelled over this nonsense. These slides usually aren’t permanent though. As stated above, ours stopped on the 6th of last month. But we should face the fact as well FB will have changes in popularity if not a total decline based on how they treat users and their quest to reign in something that is out of control: human nature. Then, as humans do, there will be something else. And AMF will likely be there, helping us spread the word. Anyway, I’m glad I found you all. Best wishes during a trying time and thank you all for being part of this.

  50. doing a great job either way in my opinion. No other site like it out there and all my support tickets have been handled. THANKS AMF…

  51. facebook have some restrictions on every fb user that any user cannot likes more than 5000 pages. if the user like more than it then it automatically unliked that’s why the user cannot take points from AMF. so the users are unliking the pages to come under 5000 likes restriction to like the another pages through AMF for getting points.
    Please solve this problem AMF…..

    1. Dear, the problem that you are writing about is not connected to this post. But as for your information, if Facebook has restrictions AddMeFast can not fix anything.

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