Latest changes of Facebook likes

Today we have updated new feature, which is called FB Weblikes. This is the same Facebook like, but is created special for websites. So, we have 2 separated Facebook likes : FB weblikes ( Facebook likes for website, articles, which will work like old system with Facebook public ”like” button) and Facebook page likes ( here can be liked only Facebook pages, on which we are currently working to make faster and to show several pages at the same time for liking. This will partially look like Facebook like old system, just without ”like” button). By the way, you can add links for these 2 types with the same method , that is to say choosing network type ” Facebook likes”.

Thank you for your support.

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  1. I don’tknow iff it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else encountering issues with your website.

    It appears as though some of the text in your content are runnjing off the screen. Can somebody else please
    comkent and let me know if this is happening tto them too?
    This mmay be a issue with my web browser because I’ve had this happen previously.

    Thank you

      1. Hi Admin! How can I get likes on a picture i didnt use as profile or cover picture. Post likes just works with profile pics, cover pics, and statuses

  2. Hi Admin, a strange thing happens:
    My brother has today entered, in his account, a new facebook page.
    With CPC 7 has collected 25 LIKE in 2 hours (this is great, is better than the old system ;-D ).
    I have inserted a facebook page a few weeks ago, with the old system.
    With cpc 9 & new system, in these last days I collect 20/30 LIKE in 24 hours.
    My question is:
    pages recorded with the old system will not run at full speed (with waste of points)?
    One solution could be to deregister (with the help of the admin) and register again in order to fully exploit the new system?
    Thanks for the great work you do (& sorry for my bad english) 😀

  3. love the fb web likes! that was inspired and really makes a visible difference to small businesses trying to get a foothold, so well done!

    my only concern is the amount of likes/unlikes i’m seeing. every time i add new points, they go fast but the actual number of likes is in fact decreasing! pls add the warning system telling ppl they will be banned if they do it again. addmefast used to have a 95/96% stick rate, which now seems more like 25%! massive difference!

  4. Hi, i need admin to verify people that like the fan page to get the 9-10 points and after that they unlike the webpage again, you should ban people that do that ! , It is an exchange , so if all we do this at the end of the day most of the fb likes can dissapear about 40% of them as it is happening every day.

    Just a suggestion..


    1. I WANT EVERYONE TO READ THIS. FB is purging fake accounts. The slide you are seeing, Slick, is not AMF’s issue. Even Avatar lost a quarter of a million likes today. That’s what they gain in a week. Erased. FB originally did this in July when Germany ordered all accounts be verified. They took it a step further to then purge accounts in other areas. I can’t tell if this is for server space or simply a cleanup. Possibly the two purges are unrelated. But the first purge was the 4th of last month. If this continues, we have a little more to worry about. The slides average a drop of about 100-600 over a three hour window. It’s not a glitch and even sites like Family Guy and Twilight are affected. AMF is, I believe, doing everything they can, but FB is systematically getting rid of the spammers AMF has been trying to prevent. This hurts the reputation of all companies involved as the true base becomes aware of juicing instead of trying to recruit a community of sharers. Only time will tell, but be watching for this every month around this time. I know I will.

      1. thanks for the heads up Dimy. i’m sure that’s a part of it with fb purging, but certain that most of it is coming from greedy ppl who are doing it cos of the lack of penalties. we all have to live with a few drops but this is getting ridiculous. admin should really put that auto mssg up warning ppl of concequences if they unlike. you’ll see the difference!

  5. my net is slow, so i am can not like any page, where can i do?please help me. if it is possible

  6. hi AMF,
    7 clicks, 63 points spent, 0 like on the page. Something is not as it should. sure that everything works or is there still a few bugs?. report only. 😀

  7. please create a new system that when click like bottom then open a new windows that is image off . Then we work very fast .if is possible please do it.

  8. Hi,

    After spending few hours on new facebook like system I have the following suggestion to make liking experience more faster —

    put you left hand on ALT+F4 After liking the page ! The window would close automatically and no need to waste your time closing it with mouse tip ; while with the right hand just like the page quickly !

    This tip would help you to earn points much faster ! I am making around 100 points in 2mins ! Hope this helps and everyone follow this !

  9. What THe helll is this going on i add my page on facebook likes but it bloocked Why??????????? m also dnt break the addmefast Rule so Y it ahd happened?

  10. latest change looks good with mulitple FB pages on one page, but pop ups are being liked and no points added. Please check.

  11. well facebook likes/subscribers are dead it seems i dont get any of them so plz change it back

  12. add me fast i m introuble becaz of you why did you block my page ? i get my living amount from this please help me and good luck wishing you all the best and i like youuuuu so muuuuuch ^^ good luck
    this is the bloked page please help me with it i neeeeed it

  13. dear admin the ppl pressing on like in the addmefast site like and they get the point without them like the page

  14. Thanx thanx thanx thanx men ur sooooooooo cool that means so much 4 me thanx again

  15. add me fast you can see your traffic is down. addmefast popular with his facebook like exchange, please addmefast return your old system,please please please how ever your site gone to down.

  16. the facebook box come up still and you dont get the points, sumthimes it says oops sumthing happnd! You guys need to revert back to the old one where u can click like down the line and keep it moving , it was faster that way. the new one still pulls up the facebook box, but you still have to like the page in another window…… very slow need update back to the old one, we are losing likes for our facebook pages.

  17. Dear admin whats the problem? why don’t increase my fb page likes i think some people likes my page & then unlike it. plz control it.

  18. 85% People Need Fast Like They don’t need quality or anything

    15% People need real likes who join addmefast for own page likes increase

    And after slow facebook section addmefast loss much more members :(( like youlikehits

    1. Please read more attentive the post : ”you can add links for these 2 types with the same method , that is to say choosing network type ” Facebook likes”

  19. Hello.
    On my AddMeFast Account I have 5 pages added and 1900 available points. I can’t get any fans.
    On a friend account, he has only 1 page, and the likes are just going and going.
    Why is that ?

  20. my suggestion is to have old system

    we will manage that problem by ourself

    everyone will support for my worker surely


  21. Hi Addmefast,
    your todays system of facebook fanpage likes is much much better then yesterday’s system.. So please if you can’t bring the previous system back, keep it up…


  22. What if… bring back the old like button but limit us to have 100 likes per day per page. I think its much better than to new one that bring us hard and slow system.

  23. LOL @Paul You calling them out. I didn’t even think about that people were using the system to charge people $$$ for FB likes since I’m gaining likes for my own pages. It makes sense now why so many people are on here complaining. They’re not Facebook page owners like me, but they’re charging people for the Facebook likes. If they’re such big business people that they can charge for the likes, then it seems to me like they should be the ones investing in premium memberships.

  24. To admin : Please do somthing with the add fast becouse i got 2 new likes in like 10 hours… Its terrible. Do somthing with that or get back the old system!

  25. how can we use faster facebook page like service with addmefast
    please tell me

  26. Hello Admin,
    Is it possible to back in old system. It’s slower that the previous. Hope we will get the old one so quick.


  27. In addsite/page does not the option of FB Web Likes.
    please admin tell me what can i do for FB Web Likes
    new system is too slow

  28. Hey Any Body tell me what is this error .. URL is already exist …. i add my page but url already exist is coming….any body help me about this

  29. my suggestion is to have old system

    we will manage that problem by ourself

    everyone will support for my worker surely


  30. You are doing a great job, AddMeFast. The FB like system is the perfect speed for someone wanting genuine likes. The people wanting you to make it faster are those that are charging people $$$ for FB likes in say 24 hours and using your service to make money themselves.

  31. Just came back here after a few days of stop using it seems lots has happened.

    So you guys are saying you will make the new facebook page to work faster again. But then if the page is being like “too fast” it will get banned by facebook. (Or maybe temporarily suspended so I read)

    So if you guys made the new system to work fast again, will the facebook pages get banned by facebook???

    Or is not really about the facebook page being like too fast is about something else?

  32. Please do somthing with added fans to fanpage becosue with this system i got 1 fan on 2 hours..

  33. I don’t uderstend can i add facebook page to fbweblikes & when you will get back the old system of likes please answear ?!!

  34. Hi Admin Please answer my Question … why when i click on “like” or subscrive in Youtube and click on “CONFIRM” they say to me “Please Try again” i cant gain points

    1. Dear user only registering referrals is not enough . Your referrals must become active users on Addmefast. Only in this case you will get points.


  36. The Facebook Like Exchange System Must B Faster Otherwise People Will Look For Another Site The Old System Was Much Better all other sites

    1. Man there is no sites which is better than addmefast, i tried more than 15 sites. withing 15days i got more thn 500 likes from here. it was too fast for me, thts why fb disabled my fan page.i ought to move little bit slower. facebook showed me that addmefast placed 19 likes for me,, bt it was wrong i got more than 500 likes from addmefast

  37. I need to get likes on the page I added about a few days ago, but with the change in this system & all this mess I’m not getting likes at all. Will my page be automatically added to the FB weblikes categoy? I really need to get the likes fast. =(

  38. my facebook page shows this message.they have disabled my page button. is there any way to solve this problem ? or any advice to maintain this page without geting this type of trouble?

    Limits have been placed on this page
    All Like buttons off of Facebook that point at your Page have been disabled. This limit is temporary and expires Saturday, August 4 at 10:09pm.

      1. what should i do now ? will we stop using addmefast to avoid this type of problem from facebook ?

  39. I have question so i can add “fanpage” to two categories “facebook likes” and “fb web likes” ? or it will be doing automaticly?

      1. Its not good … becouse when i have only fanpage , the likes will be added slow..

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