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  1. My url got banned for no reason, now i try to add it says pending. I submitted to support!

  2. Why are people on here complaining like this is a paid service? AddMeFast is the one who has invested everything. Just be patient. These things happen sometimes. It’s all a part of business.

    Be more creative to gain Facebook Likes. Add more photos or videos or blog posts to your Facebook page and share it; that helps to create more buzz and activity around your page. People love to read celebrity/entertainment news. Don’t become so dependent on these free resources.

    If you’re a premium member who has paid, then just contact support to see if they will work something out with you to compensate for the lack of Facebook fans like giving you extra points for another social network or something.

    I mean Facebook Page Administrators need to be more creative and productive. Be grateful for the free service at all. Just Saying.

  3. Bummmmmer I was loving the likes before this. To all of you complaining that they implemented this system because it’s better please read again. The old system STOPPED WORKING so this is their workaround.

    Unfortunately the new system doesn’t seem to be working at all. 0 Likes to my pages today :(.

    Best of luck to AMF development team – make haste! πŸ˜€

  4. Now its cool, I changed to payout 10 and getting likes, but earning points is very hard, Please change Daily bonus to 200 for a week for this issue

  5. come on it’s too bad ! damn it !! the old system is much much better i’m gone to search a new site

  6. No no Wait The New System is Realy Effective and MLikes I Get to My Page seem real Now ! ..

    Please People Before Judging the New System Like how i Did ! πŸ˜€ … Try To Check your webPages and you will see that the Number of People your Posts Reach are a Lot More ! ..

    AddMeFast .. Thank you !

  7. hi everybody……i’m sad with the new change but it is good …we will get more real fans….10 real likes are much better than 1000 useless ones.

  8. the new system is a total failure … please solve this problem quickly

  9. So it’s time to leave Addmefast if i won’t get Old system in couple of days.!

  10. no likes are increasing in this system..the old one was very good ..1000+dislikes for this new system :((((

  11. To Admin “Addmefast” Change the system to the other what was before it will be too late …

  12. I was about to buy a load of points for use on the Facebook Likes section of your site…but there is no point in doing so now – I have 5000 points sitting doing NOTHING because nobody is Liking my page!

    You have lost out BIG TIME, as I will NOT be purchasing the 70,000 points package MONTHLY ever again. Like I said, there is no point, because your site is now BROKEN. Good luck.

  13. stop complaining without understanding the situation
    should u get blocked from facebook_like me_ to understand ??!

    there are new rules and new policies,and the new system is the best way to avoid restrictions_yes slow but safe!

  14. Many people search new sites to “get likes” change system !! previous to old system!

  15. my likes also not increasing

    so better change it soon

    Tell me when will u expect to change any idea admin???????


  16. All these comments are about likes coming in so slow, or they arent even coming in at all. Well duh, because more then a few people here use imacros for earning points. All there macros died with this new system. Hence no one earning points. Get a gripe guys. Would you rather have real ones or fake ones??

  17. It is really very slow at the moment and for sure people will go away and try other sites as well. This will affect AMF’s speed forever and may become the worst change for themself. So don’t take much time and change the new system to the older one asap. Thanks.

  18. The old system worked great but now this version is not working at all. I’ve got mine set to 9cpc and no facebook likes are being generated. account balance never changes.

  19. not getting likes anymore..i have enjoyed the system very much, but should leave if nothing changes..



  21. this system also reduces speed drastically it is same as that of SME

    so try to get back ur system SOON…..

  22. Por favor voltar ao sistema antigo, 24 horas e sΓ³ ganhei 2 curtir … Esse era o melhor site para ganhar curtir e agora esta sendo o pior, nΓ£o quero deixar o site, aguardando melhorias URGENTE!

  23. Somethings wrong with the system ..I’m not getting any likes since the change ..what is going on??? I received over 300 emails of people complaining they can’t hit the like button on FB..I’m an Artist and depend on these likes …I have over 2,500 points that are just sitting there in my adfast account..its like everything just Stopped!!

  24. AMF was the best site but if this system is not changed fast then i might leave you addmefast …..

  25. ahn! this is s0 so laZy .! the old one is good|! please do change the system .

  26. yeah, well I have a thousand points, a 10 points payout and i had 5 likes in 1 day !!! i was planning to buy points but i guess it is useless now…just like this site if it stays that way another day

  27. This system its rly too bad… change that becouse many people will find other site , trust me its not good.

  28. Please fix that fast and change that system to previous. This system is very slow now its “addmeslow.com”

    1. Dear users, as far as Facebook has always detected high traffic and great amount of the likes from AddMeFast, our old system of the likes has had many bugs coming from Facebook. That is the reason we changed the system of likes. It is a bit slower, but your pages will never be blocked by Facebook for no reason and you will get real likes, because users will review your pages and only after that they will like them. You will notice decrease of the speed of receiving likes, but it is temporary.
      Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

      1. “…..You will notice decrease of the speed of receiving likes, but it is temporary…..”
        i hope so. I trust you.

  29. this is very slow . I have not got any likes my page. Please go back previous system.

  30. Please what is this ? My internet speed is slow and this system makes it much slower >.. Please old method addmefast πŸ™‚

    Could you tell me when we will get the old system back ..?

  31. can’t add URL to like button, It says “Entered url is incorrect format. Please add only Facebook Page.” :((

  32. I am very worry about this new like system, its very very slow, and difficult to collect good amount of points. Please fix the system as soon as possible.

  33. Please reback the Old facebook like system i don’t get even a single like today from your site

  34. how long it will take to get back the old system??
    in one day i have get only 2 likes and i have put 10 points
    it is very slow πŸ™

  35. very slow, just 20 likes per day, addmefast was famous for fb likes.But now with the new like system this will reduce thousands of members,because it is very slow.and not accurate than the previous one.

  36. It’s too bad. Please replace the previous. I think the previous version is better for everyone.

  37. Please get back the old system as soon Please get back the old system as soon as possible.as possible.

  38. fb like system is a very slow…………….and it is so difficult. please solve it.

  39. @Rohail, It’s because as a new user they give you 300 points but thereafter you only get 100 bonus points every day.

  40. Nothing works (FB like Button) on my FB site now???double checked and no one can hit the like button …no one is coming to my site now??? Why? I have over 2100+ points????

  41. We believe you guys will fix it very soon , because there is a very true fact about addmefast , it’s not just number one. but it always try to STAY in number one!!!
    So we will wait the new update . many thanks for addmefast for sharing the smallest update with it’s community

  42. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase make the facebook points come like 5 likes on the same page pleaaaaaaaaaase get the last theme baaaaack pleaaaaaaaas

  43. There have a problem that is when i click the like button it done like & subscribe please remove this problem. thanks a lot

  44. wow.. so you must change your name to be add me slow. lol
    i hope you can fast to find the way to get back the old system.

  45. Admin I want help i want to add my fb id url to add me fast for suscribing but an error come that Facebook username does not exists, please enter valid username or id

  46. This used to be a good site, now it is SOOO bad. Going to use another Company, this one is not good and the new “liking” system is SOOOO slow just like the suscribe method. Going to tell all my 18,000 followers to not use them anymore right now. Ridiculous. Put it back to old way!! Terrible company now

  47. it’s Not Good I Hate it Honestly !

    it’s Making the way of Getting Points so Hard and SLOW !

    and That’s Affects also the amount of People Liking Our Pages ..


  48. It Not Better Than The Old And It Not FAst You Will Loste EveryThing Whith This New System.

  49. not so good system……….its not slow but too much slow. please sir kindly solve it asap.

  50. perfect, to prevent bots or auto clicker..
    uum.. last week I notice on “My Sites” report on addmefast says google +1 = 890 and twitter follower = 900. but on my real site (www) google +1 only 7 and twitter follower just 223.
    it seems people follow-unfollow or like – unlike page, I suggest you create a behavior history per account, so people can unfollow but next time he or her cannot follow again.

  51. I bought 30.000 points to use linking my sites (thats all that i do here, i have already good systems to get retweets and bookmark sites. Since i cant get likes to the pages of my websites (only facebook page), i would like a refund. The terms changed after i purchased the points, so i guess its reasonable. I will ask for a parcial refund in paypal (only 30%), i think that is very reasonable.

  52. It will be the beginning of the end of the “addmefast” and others of the genre? the faith is not over yet.

  53. I can’t work anymore πŸ™
    Am using add me fast many days from mobile. Only twitter follower , yt subscriber and facebook like worked but from few days twitter not working and today fb . . . . . πŸ™

  54. The previous system was 100 x better than that. Please change this fast becouse many people will go to other sites.

  55. Not good too. Very traditional. Name AddmeFast. But they becoming slow system. We are looking forward and Addmefast through us backward.
    Very sad

    1. My Likes are not Increasing , The points are same as left yest night y so ?
      Pls help with same

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