Latest changes on AddMeFast

1. After many efforts AddMeFast finally found the solution to the bots, scripts.  Before this change you were getting a great amount of likes faster but the majority of them were fake. Now, after this update, you are sure to get real likes a little bit slower ( this is only at the beginning).

2. We have generated an automate system, which blocks all the blocked or non-existing URLs, which have any kind of restrictions, in the result of which  we are not able to take the necessary data.

We would ask all our users to check their site lists, and if they find URLs like this,  please check them and remove any existing restriction.

Our next important step is to create country based likes/followers/etc, so you will not need to set restrictions.

72 thoughts on “Latest changes on AddMeFast

  1. My instagram link is blocked ive requested to unblock it . How much time it will take 2 3 4 days ????

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  3. Hi..
    -is there any way to change the email that i register with to gmail
    -or is there any way to register another time
    -or delete my account and register again
    plzzzzz answer me plz

  4. I have one page which is blocked , it wrote its block by admin (but I dont remember to block that page on site) , now I need to add that again I need subscribers what should I do to add that again …?

  5. My YouTube videos are getting blocked, I use no bots and the links are legit YouTube links…Help….

  6. OH MY GOD!!
    now it’s awar between you and facebook
    facebook started to making restrictions to all the registered links on your system and thats the message i received “All Like buttons off of Facebook that point at your Page have been disabled. This limit is temporary and expires Tuesday, August 28 at 7:23pm.”
    the reasons are:

    Can I buy likes for my Facebook Page?
    No. Certain websites promise to provide large amounts of likes for your Page if you sign up and give them money. These websites use deceptive practices and are typically scams. People who like your Page this way will be less valuable to your Page because they won’t necessarily have a genuine interest in what your Page promotes. If Facebook’s spam systems detect that your Page is connected to this type of activity, they’ll place limits on your Page to prevent further violations of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

  7. oh god
    when i take alook at the “Admin Panel” of my FB page i find that there are about 5+ new fans,but when i refresh the page i find that the numper of the fans decreased by astrainge way@!!!!!!!!!!
    so should i spend the whole day making points for those scammers?!

    u should find asolution very fast , what i think is by that way ur system is going to fail !!

    cant u make the pages that some one “liked then unliked” appears to him at the top and when he likes again he doesnt get any points!!
    he should be aple to skip them!!

  8. YOU KILLED THE SITE….. THE BEGINNING OF anti -bot was the BEGINNING of the end of the site…… now its agonizingly slow, and NONE of my points get used …SMH

  9. 28/jul/12 _ 6:00 pm till now no one can like any facebook pages
    i checked alot of pages and their fans are geting lower

    i dont think it’s afacebook problem cuz i can like any page out of Ur system.!!

  10. admin…..

    It’s not really clear …
    Why do my links in block??

    and what should I do to be able to use the fast add me again?

    I got the 4130 subscribers with CPC fb 10 …
    What is wrong?

  11. i put 10 cpc on youtube like but i didn’t got any likes ?? if i did that 3 , 4 days ago i would get 100 like al least ! 😮 (i’ve 3200 point)

  12. we got alot of questions and suggestions , hope u give them some attention 🙂

    first problem we face is the”URL already exist” problem
    i cant put my id in facebook subscription, although i didnt use it here before
    may be some one used it by mistake _although i dont receive any subscripers_ but what is the SOLUTION?????
    also i made auser name and still exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Number of unlikes are getting higher in addmefast. I have lost more than 100 likes. another important thing is most of the profiles are fake. so we are no getting likes or comments in our posts.
    waiting for the reply – Admin AddMeFast

    1. Dear user Addmefast does not do anything with comments. Besides, if the Facebook profiles are fake, it is not our issue, it is the Issue of Facebook.

  14. Been trying to get Facebook likes all day but Im not receiving any points? Using my iPad worked yesterday but today it’s not working. I like the page but receive no points? please help

  15. Please Admin i still have that problem with Facebook likes it does NOT work for me when i click on like nothing happens ….. please tell me what i have to do

  16. when people delete links you should actually remove it from the database. Its annoying

  17. hello admin but sometimes i got something went wrong for liking on facebook and some is 0 points and your buying points its so expensive why you dont put subscribe for a monthly payment like for example i subs for 1 month and i got 10,000 point every month and every monthly payment and user can decide to unsubs for this offer? like in vagex and enhanceviews

  18. Can you add more restrictions for twitter? for example minimal 50 followers to follow and get points, minimal 50 tweets, or at least they must have profile picture.

  19. admiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin
    My problem is that there is very slow in getting subscribers

      1. The problem is not in contact my parents use it I have 4341 points ‘CPC:10″ but do not detract :/

      2. I have 1500 points and get the fans to my page
        And also my points do not detract
        Please solve the problem as soon as possible

  20. Dear admin … before 2 or, 3 days the bonus point was increased to 3oo points … cn u pls renew it … or, pls make it at-least 250 or, 200

  21. کوره کاکی ئادمی فاست به قسه م بکه ن ده ی لی باونسه که بکه نه 500 پۆینت خێری ئیمانتان باشه

    Admin Add me fast please u can daely Bouns in 500 Point please this do thet and Joedn The Best Sute

    1. It is impossible to increase daily bonus points to 500. The points will be overloaded in the system and the network will fail , because nobody will be interested in liking other users .

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