Facebook “Like Button” Problem

Attention : some users are complaining that they are not able to like other Facebook pages or do not receive likes for their pages. We have checked and found out that the problem is in the Facebook like button. On Addmefast there is not any problem to be fixed. We hope that Facebook will solve this issue very soon. We will also temporary block pages that can’t be liked for now, then after the solution of the problem, we will enable them again.

52 thoughts on “Facebook “Like Button” Problem

  1. When i click to like someomes page it opens it up so that i have to click like again then exit the page and its time-consuming. is their any way when i click like it will automaticly like it without it taking me to facebook?

  2. “My sites” section of my page I removed by mistake. I can not add again. Please help.
    Error Code: Oops! The FB page with the same FB ID is already exist.

  3. There are many page I Can’t like on this website OR I Like it but i don’t revieve the points

  4. fb like button problem monzila firefox bad.. but chorome it isnt problem…

  5. Ben moi, après mon inscription, en moins d’une heure, j’ai eut au moins 18 clics, qui ont bien été enregistrés. Problème : ils ont tous été retirés petit à petit en quelques heures : résultat, mes crédits ont fondu comme neige pour pas un seul clic durable. Conclusion : Addmefast, c’est de l’arnaque 🙂

  6. What I feel is that actually people are putting facebook profile pages and not facebook fan pages therefore those pages cannot be clicked and liked..

    1. Facebook like system is not working, i cant like other facebook pages and i have no more likes ????



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