AddMeFast against Spam

Today we have launched new feature on AddMeFast which will automatically detect and block spammers who will use Macros, Bots and AutoClick tools and their urls (pages, accounts, videos, websites and etc.) never will transfer to another AddMeFast accounts. We also will increase Daily Bonus Points to 200 (until 8 July 2012) to give our normal users points as compensation.

90 thoughts on “AddMeFast against Spam

  1. ..i am your daily user. i even dont know what are these autoclicks and all..
    but last night my account was been hacked by some ethicalhacker.
    and i was off for full 1 day. when i recovered it and came back to i gor error saying my link is bloced? why was it?

  2. dear sir,
    how can i create a new add me fast account? everytime i tried to open a new account it says i have a account but i didn’t….what can i do!!! plz help me.

      1. Hello Sir,
        From Where I Can Get Coupon Code? :/

        And Yes,

        I Used Your Facebook Subscribes Section But I Didn’t Got Any Points.. :/

  3. I have only 2 emails and decided to switch accounts, given existing url but I deleted the other account, would solve?

  4. sir i add one of my facebook page after that i deleted that page.The problem is whenever i am trying to add that same page its showing url already exist.Sir i need urgent help.

  5. i want add me fast account but,, show you have a account.but i do not any account

  6. Addmefast is awessom, but there is some bugs on it..

    1) De-active profiles are too much in FB Subscribe portion. please do check each page of user profiles in Facebook, so we can enjoy the free credits. sometimes, i got the error from Facebook ” ACCOUNT IS NOT FOUND or PLEASE CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD TO AVOID ACCOUNT HACK etc”.

    2) Daily Bonus points should be more then 200.

    3) Sumbleupon, Digg, Pinterest these three social networks, we got low points i,e 4 or maximum 5? Why?

    5) The measure promlum of addmeast is “URL ALREADY EXIST”. Pl resolve this issue.


    I think refferal system should be remove, its a measure problem of spamming.


  7. Hello,yesterday i saw that my Addmefast account was blocked by violarion of terms(or something like this) please can u regan my account?? I need addmefast very very very much.if u cant regan it please delete the sites adding by me,and than I can add my sites on other account, I beg you please help me and give me reply

  8. I do however want to thank them for the extra 200 bonus they gave all of us, that was very nice of them. They have a great Company and I hope they dont end up getting closed like most/all of the rest of them.

  9. Im extremely upset as I got banned for no reason. I have done nothing but like and bring many friends and family to their website as they have been really good to me. I’m furious as they banned my account for no reason and will no respond back to my messages at all. I have been posting on firums and talking to others about the fact they do this and not respond back to you when you have done nothing but bring them more people to their site. Very upset with them.

  10. Hello

    URL already exist

    How do I Solve it ??

    I can’t add my fan page to this site because there is somebody i know him added my page and did Spam activities to make my page blocked without any increase of fans to make me disappointed . This happened before I join This awesome site . So please solve this problem >>>>>>> this is my page URL

    THANKS admin
    and please answer me soon

  11. lots of people are liking & unliking. Action should be taken for this
    to admin

  12. Hello thanks for the infomation, i have 2 problems. 1) one of my site with 11 +1 after few minutes became 8 +1 and even my fanpage with 342 later goto 340 likes WHY? 2). My referals cant register with my link as they are been told that they have multiple account even when they have not register WHY? PLEASE SORT OUT no.2 for me as i cant rely on your daily 100 points thanks God bless 😀

    1. Dear user only registering referrals is not enough . Your referrals must become active users on Addmefast. Only after this you will get points.

  13. Please add the Facebook “share” pages feature and also Facebook “Like” status’s feature, this will attract more people to addmefast and will put you on top of any competition out there for sure. Also think about adding Reverbnation song plays section, instead of the Fan feature like other websites use, the fan feature is to slow and not enough people online to make it fast, but with song plays your guaranteed to have people adding multiple songs instead of one page to look at, this will once again put you guys on top, much love for all you do and thanks again for the 200 points.I have more ideas that I think will help you out if your interested let’s connect.

    1. Thank you for your ideas, suggestions and good words. We do our best to fill Addmefast with lots of new updates and features for you to be glad. We always are ready to listen to your comments, offers and so on.

  14. I don’t know why but my points have gone below -34. Why so? Plus my referral points have not yet been added to the account.

  15. I don’t give my Facebook fan page in my account please help me AddMeFast Admin.

  16. Thats an awesome step by you people. i appericiate this. keep it up, and please make this temporary 200 points step permanent.

  17. Sir, I removed my site url from one id and tring to post same site url on other new id but in new id its saing that this url alreasy exist even though i deleted it from older id

  18. i lose my points without even getting subscribers !! i delete mt sites and still losing points !!

    what’s the problem

  19. Sorry put 5000 I love Facebook pages from the administration Facebook

  20. This site is a great location but always deletes my account because of that the administration set 500 Facebook pages just like this site so thought that I removed a page like Facebook. Therefore, please allow access by more than one account and Facebook simultaneously. Thus, this site will be more wonderful

    1. Dear user only registering referrals is not enough . Your referrals must become active users on Addmefast. Only in this case you will get points.

  21. I have a suggestion for Addmefast team, It will be better and attracting if you will provide a new feature like “grouping the pages and sites” either by type or country. It will help the users to get more likes or visitors of their own choice.

    1. Im also. Addmefast blocked my profile, but why? Im not understand.
      Prease unblock my profile. Please.

  22. Hello, i have found many glitches with your system, the instant loss of points for instance and the website (URL) that’s listed has no change in the stats, also a wide range of sites say they are listed already but are not by me?! please contact me and let’s get these problems fixed! Thanks!!

  23. What day are the extra points? Today? Btw – the facebook login for le3aving this comment doesnt work. It kept saying to enter my name – but no place to enter it. I had to log out to be able to post this.

  24. Hello. Good Rules. Thanks.
    About the daily bonus, its the same, when you gonna increase that for 1 day??


  25. So I don’t have to worry about giving someone a follow on Twitter, or like on Facebook, and not getting my points.

    Also, I’ve gotten like over 500 negative points for some reason, I’ve been able to reverse this, but really, why is this?

  26. I would like to create an account add me fast, because his email account facebook utilised to …
    and I want to use a special email to add me fast.
    but when I add site/url rejected …
    can you please help me?

    1. can you raise the referral points to 400 cause i seems abit sad if daily gets put up to 200 and referrals get 200 just asking as i refer as much as 3 people to five a day to so if you can help with that my referrals wont looks as shocking knowing daily points are going up..thank you …

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