FB Subscribe now works better


All bugs existing in FB Subscribe section are solved. We also have changed subscription way. Please fill free to report any bug you see on addmefast.

19 thoughts on “FB Subscribe now works better

  1. IT says my username is already exists.. well i dont have any other account so why this site is saying plz help me.. i need subcribers

  2. It says my subscribers are turned off? I need urgent help 🙁 becuase there on and everything is working.

  3. When I put my Url to get subscribers that appears next phrase” Facebook username does not exists, please enter valid username or id” what I do to recognize my facebook?

  4. i don’t get any subscribers anymore. but i can subscribe Others ! why plz answer me , and don’t tell me go to Support centre , becaus i can’t

  5. i don’t get any subscribers anymore. And when i try to subscribe to get points, It says “Please try again”.

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