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Hi dear users

Glad to present you our official blog. Starting today you can be informed about all changes and improvements on addmefast.com. You can leave comments under each post. Hope this blog will help all us to create great network. Thanks for your support.

Admin AddMeFast


46 thoughts on “Welcome to AddMeFast.com official blog

  1. Helps
    hi admin or support cant add my page show this messenger Oops! The FB page with the same FB ID already exists

  2. I AM NOT want to register but fails to register the first time, writes that ‘We can not register you, because you already have an account in our network. Multiaccounts AddMeFast does not allow. ‘please help

  3. “We cannot register you, because you have account in our network. AddMeFast don’t allow multiaccounts.”
    this is what showing as I am trying to register.. please help..

  4. Any one else had issues with loggin onto it today, i go to log in and i get a wrong password error. try to recover password says email not in use

  5. Hey, I’m trying to register an account but every time its displaying a message “We cannot register you, because you have account in our network. AddMeFast don’t allow multiaccounts.”
    Please help me with this issue.

      1. admin i want to close my account because i have another one ok ?? soo please help me

  6. please help me. I can’t add my site in facebook subscribing. how to do it or solve it?

  7. hello im having error with registering
    “We cannot register you, because you have account in our network. AddMeFast don’t allow multiaccounts.” i tried to change email , ip but same problem
    any HELP ?

  8. Facebook subscribers seems to be not working! The picture comes up but the subscribe box is not there??

  9. as soon as i put my site to webhit in seconds my account became (-316) how could this be? do you think in 1sec my site get so much visitors?

  10. Are you planing to add bulk updates? For example if I need to change CPC for all links. Or if I want to add 20 links at once. It is hard to manage large number of links with your interface. Also if you edit link NOT on first page after update it redirects to the first page and if I need to update more links on the same page I have to navigate to the page before I can edit another link there. The bottom line your interface is build for small number of links mainly for people to play arround. It is hard for advance users to use your system who actualy ready to spend money on points for large number of links. YouTube commenting would be another greate asset for your system.

    1. Dear user we are working hard to create user friendly network and thanks for your suggestion. All these features you can see on addmefast soon.

  11. Hey Admin Of AddMeFast

    Why Do You Do This For Free? Like I Know It Would Be Cool If You Let Us Test It. But Its 24/7 Every Year All Year Long Free?!?!?

  12. Thanks a lot! this is a good way to keep following the latest ideas of the admins, your website is awesome so thanks for that too

  13. Dear AddMeFast Team,

    Please make a requirement for every user that follows twitter profile to have a picture.
    When they click for the first time on the button follow, make an if statement that checks if they have a picture on their profile.
    That would be awesome, and everyone will have real looking followers.
    Now, 70% of the followers we get are “EGGS”.
    Hope you make something.

    Thanks, you rock.

  14. Soundcloud followers/favorites/downloads, Reverb Nation fans, Retweets Facebook shares and Country filter for each social network. I think it would be an excellent upgrade!

  15. Congrats on the creation of this blog. I really like your website and I am sure the blog would be really useful too. 🙂

  16. انا كان عندي حساب وانسرق وبدي اضيف الصفحة اللي كانت موجودة في ذلك الحساب الى حسابي الحالي ارجو المساعدة

    1. Translation of “mahdi” comment :

      I had an account but it’s theft from me and now i have a new account and i want to add my facebook page from the theft account to my new account……please help

    2. “Admin” Comment Translation:
      ترجمة لرد الادمن عليك يامهدى:
      خد الكلام الانجليزى اللى انا كتبته كترجمه لكلامك وحط عليه الصفحه اللى انت عاوز تضيفها

      وابعتها للدعم الفنى على الرابط التالى

      وهما هيساعدوك

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